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Mixing Kits to Make a Name Banner


Hey there, it’s me again, Kathleen! For today’s post I have a project for you that I’ve made with some remaining things from some older Gossamer Blue kits (September & October 2015) and some bits and pieces from my stash. But don’t worry if you didn’t get those kits or have already used up most/all of it. You can make this project with any kit you like!

When a friend of mine had their baby, I knew I wanted to give them a gift that was cute, one-of-a-kind and came from the heart. The bits and pieces I had left from the September and October 2015 kits (which contained a lot of Crate Paper’s “Wonder“ collection) were perfect for a baby-themed project.

Right before, I also got myself this banner die set by Pebbles and was eager to use it. So I decided to make them a cute name banner (the baby girls’ name is Ella – which I think is absolutely beautiful! And perfect for a banner because it’s not too long 😀 ).


Of course you don’t need the die to make a banner like this, you could also just hand cut the pennants, use your Silhouette or make yourself a template you can use over and over again. For me it just came in handy because the set includes some other cute little bits and pieces, too.

What you’ll need is some patterned paper (6×6” paper pads work great!), alphabet stickers, a variety of embellishments (think stickers, die cuts, enamel dots, wood veneer…) and twine.

At first I cut the pennants for the banner. I made 8.  Four for the name and four to have two more on each side of the name that I could then embellish.


After I was done cutting the pennants, I punched a hole at the top of each one on both sides. This is where the twine will go through later.

You can string your pennants before you embellish them or when you are done, this is totally up to you. I prefer to do it when I’m done with everything else because it makes it easier to work on the individual pennants.

Before you start embellishing the pennants, put them in the order you’d like to have them on your banner. That way you can for example prevent having two of the same colour/pattern right next to each other and in general just try what looks best.


When you’ve decided on an order, it’s time for my absolute favourite part: the embellishing! For the pennants in my banner that have a letter sticker, I decided to put a punched out scalloped circle beneath each letter to make them pop more. This depends on the size/colour/pattern of your letter stickers if it’s necessary or not. Just try different options to see what fits your banner best!

To “frame” my banner I put those cute cork bows on the far left and right – this kinda pulls it all together. I also made sure to keep the two pennants before and after the name a bit lighter, to make the name stand out.



I am really pleased with how it turned out! So pleased in fact, that I already started some more banners for other occasions/celebrations. You could of course also change the name for a phrase like “Hooray”, “Congrats” or anything like that! The sky is the limit 😉

Well, I hope you like my project and maybe try your hand at something like this, too! Or maybe you already have. Then please leave a link in the comments, I’d love to see some more banners!!

(Just a word of caution: If you make a banner like this for a small child/baby, make sure to keep it out of their direct reach since the embellishments could be swallowed!)


Purse Embellishment


Hello Gossamer Blue fans! Yana is here sharing something different this time. I’ve been enjoying the non-paper items in my GB kits and I decided I wanted to use them off the page and off the card, I wanted to create something for everyday life.


I started out by picking a few non-paper and non-vellum items from April kits and ended up with the following:

The Ooh La La clear plastic tag with gold printing, a hot pink resin heart with You + Me printed in white, a clear circle plastic tag with a gold ampersand and finally a clear plastic letter. I also had a resin XO sitting to the side there, but I ended up not using it in the end. Anything that isn’t made of paper or vellum (because those materials are easy to damage) can be used for an embellishment like this one. Think metal paper clips, pins, brads etc.

I used my hole punch and punched a hole in each of these (except for the Ooh La La tag as it already had one).

This wasn’t hard to do and 5 minutes later I had all of my elements punched and ready to go.

Next I used white thread from one of the tags from April kits and threaded all of these onto it. I also added a little black brad and tied the string into a knot to secure the pieces together.

Finally I added this fun little cluster onto my purse as a cute embellishment!


I hope I was able to inspire you today! Have fun creating!


Pattern Play


Hello beautiful Gossamer Blue friends.  It’s Heather Leopard and I’m here for the April edition of Pattern Play! Today I’m going to show you how much fun it is to mix and match patterned papers from different collections to create a cool background.

GB Smile by Heather Leopard

1. Cut paper in varying widths x 12″ strips.  I used about 11 different patterns.  

2. Place the first strip at a diagonal as far down to the middle of the page as possible, making sure the paper touches the  top right and left bottom of the page, flush to the edge.  

3. Place the next paper strip over that 1st layer, leaving some of the first layer exposed.  

4. Repeat until you get to the top corner.  

GB Smile photo by Heather Leopard

5. Add a corner piece to the top or just continue with the layers.

6. Repeat at the bottom of your page in the opposite corner.

7. Place pieces of ephemera, stickers, tags, etc in some of the layers.

8. Stitch each layer to the page. Use a variety of stitches for added interest.

GB Smile paper layers by Heather Leopard

9. Add your photo, title and journaling, along with any additional stickers, mist, etc.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed my patterned paper process!

Heather Signature