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Two Page Layout Inspiration


It’s Jill Cornell here with you today to bring you this month’s two-page layout inspiration. My husband’s family recently got together for a reunion and we all had to drive quite a distance to meet with each other. I loved the “road trip” elements in this month’s kits so I was inspired to scrapbook my photos right away. Love when that happens!

Double Page Layout Inspiration // via @gossamerbluekit

Supplies: July 2014 Main Kit, July Main Add-on Kit, July Bits & Pieces Kit, July 2014 Life Pages Kit, July Life Pages Main Add-On Kit

I chose to use black cardstock as my background because I wanted the bright colors of the kit and my photos to contrast greatly with the background. The fun, mixed-up alphabet set in the main kit contributed to the contrast.


I did not use even a scrap of patterned paper for this layout. We have so many fabulous exclusive Life Pages cards and I paired those with some of my favorites from Pink Paislee and Crate Paper.

I love the label stickers from Pink Paislee – perfect for adding bits of journaling and helping to tell the story.

Finally, there are some great pre-stitched banner pieces from Crate Paper – these help add a lot of detail and texture.

I’ll be back next month with another two-page layout!

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I’ll be back next month with another two-page layout!

Using Life Pages Cards on a Layout


I love using Life Pages cards when I create layouts. There are so many ways you can incorporate them. And with the variety of cards that come in the kits each month, the possibilities are endless.


This month, I created a page about a recent trip to our local minor league baseball field. It was a special event evening and I wanted to save some memorabilia. Here is how my page turned out.


Using Life Pages Cards on a Layout // via @GossamerBlueKit #projectlife

Supplies: July 2014 Main Kit, July Add-On Kit #2, July 2014 Life Pages Kit, July Add-On Kit #3

Let me show you all of the ways I used the cards. To start off with, I decided I wanted to save the autograph picture my son received, as well as the tickets to the game. Since the colors were quite loud on these items, I created a vellum folder to hold them. This toned things down a bit.


I decorated the folder and then chose a 4 by 6 card to use as a pocket. I sewed it on two sides, leaving the top and right side open so I could slide in the memorabilia.






The next way I used the cards was to create a layered background for my photos. I folded the edges up a bit to give it some texture and added a chipboard from to the picture for dimension. I love how the bits of color from each card blend together and compliment the bigger card.






Finally, I used the ‘today’ card as my journaling block. I was able to tell all about the story of our evening at the stadium on it. I tucked it onto the pocket, as well.





Using the Life’s Pages cards really made this layout come together quickly and easily. I love how versatile they are!

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July Guest Designer Part Two


Yesterday we introduced you to our July guest designer – Mandy Koeppen!


To read Mandy’s bio, see her first project, and read the answers to the first two questions we asked her, click HERE.

Also- you can follow Mandy in these places:


Here are the rest of her answers and projects.

Thanks so much for hanging out with us this month, Mandy. We adore you! ♡♡





Q: What is your favorite storage method for scrapbooking items?

A: I really love using vintage items for storing my scrapbook product. The items not only keep my space interesting and inspiring they also have stories of their own and I LOVE that. Wood crates hold older paper, old fry baskets and fridge baskets hold a variety of items including photos and embellishments, a wire dish drying rack holds my OA product, hobnail milk glass dishes hold odds and ends, a muffin tin is the home for badges and paperclips, wood drawers hold tags and a variety of other items. I also love this old wood unit that sits on top of my butcher block table in my scrapspace it’s awesome for storage!


Q: Do you follow trends? If so, what it your favorite right now and how do you incorporate it into your work?

A: I’m usually a season late and many layouts short when it comes to trends if I get a trend at all. It seems when the trend starts to fade that’s when I have that “ah ha moment” and figure out that I like it. I’m not so much a techniquey person so those trends seem to go over my head. Just being honest. Favorite trend right now TRIANGLES! am I actually on trend or a season late?





Q: What is your must have supply and why?

A: Is this a trick question? 1 favorite…pattern paper. I love going through the aisle of a scrapbook store or even clicking through the online stores browsing the papers. Seeing the patterns, touching the textures, and having the ideas spin in my head. There are so many possibilities with pattern paper especially now that we have the a and b sides genius that companies do that! 

I do have to mention my very close second favorite supply that I am constantly grabbing for while creating and that is tags. If I see tags I buy them no matter the brand. I have 2 old library card drawers of cards right in front of my workspace waiting for me to grab a tag . I love tags and I have no idea why, I just feel every layout needs a tag. Tags for me are like doilies for Stephanie Howell.


Q: Any advice for those wanting to design on a team?

A: After working for and with some of the biggest names in this industry I can tell you that I’ve shed the tears, I’ve been let down, trampled on, and wanted to give up, but in the end I just kept trying. The BIGGEST piece of advice I can give you and this comes straight from the heart is… Just be you! Stay true you. DO NOT change who you are for anyone else! Don’t change your style, how you tell your stories, how you take your photos, do it the way you like to and the way you’ve always done it.

I had a team sign me and then tell me that I need to change everything about how I scrapbook. I was heartbroken. I didn’t know what to do. That’s when my husband sat down with me and we had the talk. I had the ugly tears falling down my face as he told me…”Mandy, they noticed you for you, they signed you for a reason. This isn’t going to work, you WILL NOT CHANGE A THING!” Since then I haven’t changed, I’ve been signed to many bigger companies, I’ve had better things come my way, yes I’ve had heart break along the way, doors have closed but as they have closed new ones have opened. I’ve had fun and I’m still having fun. You can too!