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Upside Down – Layout Inspiration


“Upside down…boy you turn me..Inside out and round and round”. So, who has got that song stuck inside their head now?

You might be wondering what this blog post introduction is all about. Well, I’ll tell you. But for that I have to give you a little background story: When I was working on my DT projects for the GB September kits, I made this layout (amongst some others):





I didn’t have a topic for a blog post in mind yet, so I just went ahead and made some projects to see what I could then turn into a post. So I put this one aside on my desk and continued working on some other projects. When I got up to get something to drink, the layout fell onto the ground and was now upside down (the upper corner facing towards me). When I looked at it, I thought that the layout (as in the design of the page) looked really nice that way too and that it would be cool to make a second one with the same structure as the first one but upside down. ..a happy little accident, you could say!




I knew I wanted to use the papers from the We R Memory Keepers “Urban Chic” collection, especially the one with the donuts and since I have a ton of donut photos,ha! It wasn’t very difficult to find one that I could use. I picked this one because the colours of the donuts in the photo fit the papers so well.

The making of the layout itself was really easy. I put my first layout right next to me (turned upside down), so I could take a look every now and then to see what goes where. I also could have drawn a quick sketch of the layout but didn’t really see a need for that.



I stuck to the original structure almost 100% because I really liked it and because there were enough elements in the GB September kits that I could choose from (ephemera packs, sticker sheets, rubber shapes, tags…).



And here’s a side by side view of the two layouts:


What I was trying to show you, is that you could actually do that with any layout you have. If you ever feel stuck or uninspired, just take a look at one of your favourite layouts (either one you made yourself or one made by someone else that you really like) and turn it upside down.

To make it even easier for when you then make your layout, you could either draw a quick sketch of the layout’s structure as a reference, or save the photo of that layout to your computer or mobile/tablet and rotate it a 180° so you can then take a look at it while you create!

I really hope this blogpost inspires you to try this little trick yourself and get creating!



Eyoung’s September Life Pages Spread

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Hello , crafty friends. It’s Eunyoung again. Today I’ll share a Life Pages spread with you. I used the September Life Pages kit for this spread.




What size album do you like to use for Life Pages?? After I finished a 9×12 sized album, I went back to a 12×12 sized album again. I don’t know what size is good for mine!!! I’ve used 6×8 size for December winter album. I’m trying using various sized album. 

At the beginning I started lifepages on 12×12 size. But because I felt that the size is too large to fill with my photos. And then I found a new one, it is 9×12 size. I think I’ve settled on 6×12!



My pages are usually simple and clean. There are not many embellishments on the page. This is because I use many photos or big photos. As I create a scrapbooking, I rarely use 4×6 sized photos. But I like to use this size on my Life Pages spreads. I love the single embellishment on a 4×6 sized photo!! So it is perfect to use chipboard & sticker set from kit.


 I often finish by stamping the date on the journal cards with a tiny date stamp. I bought mine locally. I hope a cute roller date stamp will be released from GossamerBlue Kit! I can’t imagine a spread that wouldn’t include a coffee photo! I love coffee. The Instax shapre ps-2 is my second photo printer. It is a new fun toy! I like the white frame and the vintage feeling it gives my pages.



Sequins are always the perfect, shimmery touch for simple pages like mine.

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Happy Monday!

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One Sketch Two Ways


Whenever I make a new layout, I tend to create a rough sketch. When I’m done, I add that sketch to a small box I keep on my desk. It’s the first place I turn when I’m feeling stuck or uninspired. I like the parameters of a blueprint and in my 15+ years of scrapbooking I’ve amassed quite a collection.

I’m a big proponent of the “jumping off point” and I think that’s exactly what a sketch provides. Whether it’s based on one of your own layouts or a layout that inspires you…having a little direction is a wonderful way to jumpstart creativity.

I tend to use my sketches in two different ways…Hence the title:) The first being what I like to call “the replica.” I am essentially recreating the sketch with minimal deviation. This works well when I am pressed for time and am seeking a formula I know works. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and recycling an old layout is as comfortable as wrapping up in a comfy sweater. Here’s a look at one of my favorite tried and true sketches:


As you can see, it’s not a complicated blueprint at all. I intentionally leave myself some space to improvise. I don’t get overly specific with size or scale. It’s just enough to get me going. Here’s a look at my “replica” layout. I stayed pretty faithful to the sketch and ended up completing a layout with which I was quite happy. It gave me the opportunity to use some of the beautiful patterned paper and embellishments in this month’s kit.


When I was ready to make my next layout I realized I had more pictures than I had space. I quickly decided that a two page layout would better suit my story…but I would still use the single page sketch from above.

I call the second way I like to use sketches “the foundation.” It serves as the basis upon which I will build my layout. It may not look the same when I’m done, but it’s a great way to start.

My process when using a sketch in this way is to isolate elements in the sketch that I like. For instance, I like the band of paper across the bottom…but perhaps I want to switch it to the top. I like the little cluster of embellishments on the side…I can ip that to the top on the other side. Essentially I am using this single sketch to create the first layout and mirroring some of my favorite elements on the second. Here’s a look:


When using a single sketch as a foundation to create a multi page layout, my process is to omit the things that won’t work and double down on the things that will. I knew my title would go on the right page so I could use that space for journaling on the left and add another picture up top. I could then repeat that picture cluster a couple more times. The photo blocks on both the right and the left were actually printed as collages. I then added the embellishments around them.

Repeating elements works so well to create continuity among multi page layouts. Whether you do so using papers, embellishments, or design. They all work to create a connection between the layouts. As you can see I essentially mirrored on the right what I had already done on the left. You can see the spots where the original sketch peeks through. I like how each page works well on it’s own and as a pair. I see a couple new sketches in the making.



So I hope that the next time you’re looking for a way to get started, look no further than your own scrapbooks and create a few sketches based on your own work.

If you are new to scrapbooking, you can nd all kinds of sketches on Pinterest or Facebook. There are entire sites devoted to sketches. I’ve made a promise to myself not to feel any pressure to do something that’s never been done. My goal is to document stories, to print out my pictures and to create a collection of my most beloved moments. If that means recycling some of my favorite layouts…I’m cool with that.

Products Used: September Gossamer Blue Main Scrapbook Kit • Main Add-On #2 • Life Pages Kit

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