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Sabrina Alery for Gossamer Blue

Hello there. Sabrina here with my last post for Gossamer Blue.

Summer break is here and that means we are spending tons of time outdoors and on the go. With four kids home, it also means that any creative time I can carve out during the day is seriously minimized. To fulfill my paper habit and document our summer, I utilized the June kits along with a blank notebook to create a simple scrapbook journal.

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The cover has some collage coverage using items from several of the kits and even a die cut from last September’s kits. And because this will be pulled in and out of my bag often, I was sure to reinforce everything with extra adhesive.

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Some days are extra simple and just include a photo, a story and some simple embellishing.

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Some days we are having to much fun (or too much hardship) and photographing the moment is forgotten. These days include only embellishments and the story.

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Most of the entries will likely look most like this, with a combination of journaling, photos and embellishments. I think writing down the story is the part I am going to focus on the most, as the days go by so fast and there are so many moments I want to remember.

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I am hoping this simple approach to scrapbooking – with no rules or expectations – will help me stay on top of it this summer. It will be easy to pull out a pen no matter where we are and jot down thoughts, funny quotes and conversations as they come. Photos can be printed in batches and filled in later along with embellishments.

And as a bonus, maybe my craft room table will even stay clean…Maybe! :)


See you around!



Crafty Gift Basket


Good morning, GB fans!  Today I’ve wrapped up a sweet berry basket with some fun goodies for a fellow crafty friend.  I’ll also share a closer look at a couple of the gifts, showing you how I upcycled some journaling cards and patterned papers to add a bit of a handmade touch to the otherwise store-bought presents.

Rebecca Luminarias for Gossamer Blue
This small basket is packed full of fun things for rabid planners, fellow crafters, or even teachers.  You’ll even find some of the items in the June GB kits…gold foil number stickers, a little tag-pad, and a very useful roller stamp.

My first upcycled gift is a little pad made from the set of Seven Paper journaling cards from the LP Add-on #3 kit.  I liked the size of the cards and the fact that, aside from color, they were all the same with a nice amount of writing space in the bottom white box.

The pad was simple enough to create so I won’t bore you with the full photo tutorial here on how I did it.  However, if you’re more of a visual person, you can visit this post on my personal blog for a tutorial I composed a couple of years ago.

In a nutshell:

1.  Cut a piece of chipboard down to 4×4, which is the size of the cards.  (*The GB kits that have 12×12 patterned papers in them all come with chipboard so if you own any of those kits, you don’t have to look far for it!)

2.  Trim a piece of scratch paper to 4×4.  The chipboard goes on the bottom of the stack of cards to serve as a sturdy base for the pad; the scratch paper goes on top to protect the first card from glue.

3.  Using binder clips, secure the scratch paper, cards, and chipboard in a tidy pile and then spread a good layer of decoupage glue over the top edges.

4.  Give it an hour or so to dry, then tear off the scratch paper and you’ve got a very cool pad, perfect for jotting down a quick note or plan for the day ahead.

I do have a step-by-step for some gift pockets I made from patterned paper, though–and these are so much fun!

I used papers from the Citrus Bliss 6×6 pad which came in the Bits & Pieces kit.  The reason I used these particular papers is because they are perforated to tear off and you need that tearaway edge to create these pockets.  But, DO NOT tear the paper off at the serrated edge!  That’s very important!  Carefully pull it free from the glued edge at the very top of the pad, above the perforated border.

You see in my photo that the gray dotted paper has a pretty lemony 1/2″ border at the top–again, keeping that border is crucial to this project so do not remove it.  I trimmed the paper to 6 x 4 1/2, taking 2″ off at the bottom.

Fold in half to a 3 x 4 1/4 pocket and then trim again–just a smidge off of the right side to discard the notch in the border.  I then stitched up 3 sides of the pocket, leaving the top of the pocket open.  (*If you don’t want to sew the pockets, adhesive or staples work, too.)


Fold in half to a 3 x 4 1/4 pocket and then trim again–just a smidge off of the right side to discard the notch in the border.  I then stitched up 3 sides of the pocket, leaving the top of the pocket open.  (*If you don’t want to sew the pockets, adhesive or staples work, too.)



I made 2 more pockets and they were sized just right for a gift card to a “brew” house of your choice and some completely awesome paper clips, all found in the June kits.  Seriously, these kits contain the most incredible embellishments this month!

Here’s where the importance of keeping that perforated border comes in.  Once you have your little pockets filled, stitch them closed.  Begin a new stitch line–don’t sew over the perforation marks or they won’t tear away and your recipient won’t be able to easily open them, which is the really fun part of this whole deal.


And once you’ve handed off your gift basket to your very lucky friend, she can just tear the pockets at the perforation and ‘ooh and ahh” over the super-fun stuff inside!

I hope you’ll give at least one of these little projects a try.  Then you can fill up your own basket with a mix of store-bought and handmade presents for a deserving recipient!



Glittered Monogram Gift Bags

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Hi Gossamer blue friends,

Today I am sharing some fun little Glittered Monogram gift bags, perfect for a little party giveaway or sending some happy mail.


It’s simple. Using the large monograms from the June Gossamer blue kit I quickly sprayed the letters I needed with spray adhesive, sprinkled with glitter and you have the perfect way to personalize any gift.

I attached these monograms using clothspins and layered lots of little elements from the kit. These can be filled with candy, cookies, gift cards, whatever will fit!