Gossamer Blue

Bullet Journal Grocery List + Meal Plan


Hey Everyone! It’s Ann-Marie again, today I am showing you how I set up my weekly meal planner in my mini, dot-grid notebook. For my meal planning I need two things: to ensure that I have enough meals for the week, and a list of what to buy at the grocery store. I have a basic set up that I use every week, with slight changes to adapt to unusual weeks. 

For instance, this week I only need to plan for 6 days instead of 7 so I took out the line for Sunday’s meals. This is a very simple layout, specially good to adapt for beginner bullet journal users. If you eat a different number of meals per day, just add or subtract columns. Need to track something (Calories, vegies, etc)? You can put that instead of the snack or grocery list section. Customize as you see fit!

My finalized meal planner for the week is below, and I have already gone off schedule… oops.

Watch how i put this together using this month’s planner kit:

I hope you enjoyed this little demonstration of my bullet journal! If you have a meal planning system that works for you I’d love to see it!

A Mini Adventure


The April kits wooed me with their sweet siren song and convinced to make a mini album. Without pocket sleeves. That pretty much never happens to me! But these kits are packed to the brim with such bright, happy colors and so many beautiful embellishments that I couldn’t resist.

Last year, I attended a music festival with a group of friends and I hadn’t scrapped it until now. Do you ever get so excited about your memories and pictures that you decide to wait until the *perfect* product comes along to get them documented? I admit I got stuck in that space until these kits arrived on my doorstep. Our music festival was located in the California desert and these kits have cacti and palm trees and the most gorgeous florals. It practically screamed out to me to document this trip.

For the base of the mini, I decided to make most of the pages around 4.5” x 6.5”. I chose papers from the scrapbook kit and used some of the smaller papers included in the planner kit. One of my favorite things about the Gossamer Blue kits is that they are usually so easy to coordinate with past kits. I ended up reaching for quite a few papers from the March kits.

I had fun layering in tags and cards and other smaller elements in between the larger pages. The TWO packages of die cut embellishments in the April main kit made this very easy for me.

I got out my border punches to make some visually interesting layers on my pages. One of my favorite things in a mini album are all the chunky layers and different textures.

Before starting this album, I decided that I would be gifting it to my sister-in-law who attended the trip with us. Because of this, I kept the stories pertinent to the group as a whole instead of my experience alone.

I used my Silhouette Cameo for some fun layers like this white floral frame. The cards from the April planner kit worked perfectly in my album here.

While I obviously had fun with all the different layers, I wanted to make sure my focus remained on the photos. I selected a few of my favorite photos and printed them as larger photos and inserted them throughout the album.

With this cut file, I used several different patterned papers from the April and March kits. I used dimensional foam adhesive to pop up the “You are altogether lovely” to make it stand out more.

To finish my album, I trimmed down a piece of paper from the April scrapbook kit to make this Adventure Log. I made sure to write down the who and the where in case it wasn’t adequately covered throughout the album.

How are you all using your GB kits? Make sure to tag us @gossamerblue on Instagram when posting your kit creations so we can all oooh and ahh over your creativity!

Two Page Layout by Neftali



Hey there! It’s Neftali here and I’m so excited to be back to share with you all my project for this month. First of all, let me start off by saying that this month’s kits are simply stunning and drool worthy. Yes! We got TWO ephemera packs this month and both are from Crate Paper’s newest collections and a bunch of other awesome stickers. So, to say the least, I had tons of amazing stuff to play with and that’s why I decided that I wanted to create a two-page layout to get the best out of this kit.

The first thing I did was decide on my photos. I chose 4 small photos from a mini getaway my husband and I had last summer. I then went ahead and added some very random squiggly stitching around both my pages. I tried to be random with it and it pretty much came out that way considering some sewing machines have a mind of their own, like mine, haha!

I then decided that I would just create some fun accent clusters surrounding each of my photos. Every photo was different so I went ahead and created each cluster unique to each photograph. I really loved this because it created a very nice separation between clusters but it still remained clean and cohesive.

I then added my title to the center of the two-page spread. This is how I basically made these two pages unite to just one larger layout. I love it! The title itself is very unique and I love how it turned out. It says, “Let’s go baby. Let get away. Just a little adventure, me & you.” It really does create a sort of focus in the center of the spread and thus unites my pages.

The last detail that I added to this spread were some cute geo-tag puffy stickers that come from the Oasis Puffy Sticker pack included in the kit. I put one atop each cluster which created 4 stops for your eyes to feast on. Then I added one more to my title, but this time a glitter geo-tag from the Oasis 6×12 sticker sheet to add a little different texture.


So that’s it! This was my first time trying out a two-page spread as I was wanting to challenge myself to try new things. I have to say that it turned out to be one of my all-time favorite layouts and I can’t wait to try out another spread like this one.


I hope that this has inspired you to go out and get crafty with your own stuff and try something new, maybe a two-page layout like this one! Thanks for coming by and I’ll see you next month with more amazing crafty goodness!