Gossamer Blue

Odessa’s TN


When I heard that Gossamer Blue was coming out with a Traveler’s Notebook Kit I was so excited. I’ve recently gotten into using them and really enjoy the format! I make a point to print the photos for my weekly pocket page album every week when I go grocery shopping and always print too many.

My Traveler’s Notebook is a great way to use the pictures that are funny or cute that don’t make it into my weekly layouts. The best is the kit even comes with a notebook so it’s ready to go right out of the kit!

This is a silly one from when my husband and I were driving around listening to music we loved like, 15 years ago and eating donuts. I mean, the stamped title says it all. And can we talk about this alpha stamp? It’s the perfect size for Traveler’s Notebooks or pocket page cards. I have been using it a TON! It comes with new subscriptions this month and is the perfect excuse for picking up the Traveler’s Notebook kit.

I used a mix of all the kits on this layout. One of my favourite things about working in the Traveler’s Notebook format is anything goes. It can be scrappy, fancy lists, a layout, whatever! I went for more of a scrapbook layout format.

I used the cute paper with the + pattern all over it from the Traveler’s Notebook kit as my starting point and worked the rest of my layout around it. Because the May kits go so well together it’s easy to mix and match them to make fun layouts in any format!

Brenda’s Spring Pocket Pages


Hello friends! The May Life Pages kit may be my most favorite kit in the history of kits. I’m a floral gal through and through and the bright, bold florals in the LP kit sang to me. I couldn’t wait to make some pocket pages and these colors were perfect for my Spring photos. 

The contrast between the bright, almost neon colors and the crisp white backgrounds makes it easy to make a colorful, striking page. Because I loved these cards so much, I had several that I wanted to use in this spread so I printed most of my photos at slightly smaller sizes so I could mount them on the cards. I took advantage of some the 4×6 cards with shaped journal spaces and measured and printed photos that would nest within those spaces. 

Because the color scheme is so bright and bold, I kept my embellishing to a minimum (for me). On the “No Better You” card, I trimmed a corner from a paper from the May Traveler’s Notebook kit to add a bit more color. On the “Smile” journal card, I used some  more patterned paper from the TN kit as well as some washi from the Scrapbook kit to cover up the top half of the card. I thought the pink of the full card added too much color to one side of the spread so I offset it with a little black and white patterned paper. 

Did I mention how much I loved the floral die cuts from the Life Pages kit?!?! I wanted to put them on anything and everything but managed to restrain myself some. The colorful word stickers from the Life Pages kit were also incredibly usable. The phrases were all spot on for what I was wanting to document. 

I played up the saturation on this photo of the wildflowers because I wanted it to match the vibrancy of the cards and embellishments. I added some subtle machine-stitching elements to make the spread look a little more finished. 

After laying all the cards and photos down on this side, I thought there was probably a little too much white so I made a few adjustments. First, I trimmed about half an inch off top and bottom of the “May” card and put some patterned paper from the Scrapbook kit behind it. For the photo at the bottom right, I printed it as a 3×3 photo and then added an inch of patterned paper to the bottom of it to give it a Polaroid look with the whimsy of the colorful paper. 

The stamps from the Life Pages kit are perfect for adding sentiments to some labels. I didn’t really have much to specifically journal about for some of these photos, but I always like adding phrase stickers or stamps to convey an emotion or feeling about my photos. 

This 4×6 card was calling for me to print a circular photo. And with that circular photo came the desire for another so I printed my Blister Beetle photo that way. Those aqua and white alpha stickers from the Life Pages kit are some of my absolute favorites but I found myself short on “E”s. Easy solution: get out a white pen and add a bottom line to an “F” sticker.

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Zinnia’s TN


Hello there, It’s Zinnia! I hope you are well. Here’s my layout for today.


I created this layout just by using ONE  stamp, which is the cloud. Of course, it turned out pretty amazing. I’m in love with this layout. It’s pretty simple (only the coloring part is tough :P)


Anyways, more close-up shots for you…



Here,  I labeled it by using Gossamer Blue stamps.



I hope you can try this out and show me on Gossamer Blue’s Facebook Group!