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Four Tips for Cohesive 6×8 Pocket Pages


The June Life Pages kit is so perfectly suited for documenting summery adventures and I couldn’t  wait to document our recent annual trip to a music festival. 

For my pocket page album this year, I’m mixing up sizes and either throwing them all in my big 12×12 album or putting the smaller ones in a 6×8 album. Varying which pocket page sizes I use keeps me from getting too bored with this project I love. I used to struggle with getting the right balance of product and photos since there were so few pockets in this size but I have changed up my approach a little.

First, I very rarely use full-sized photos in the pockets. I want my photos to be a prominent feature of my spread so I don’t usually print too small, but I like having a little bit of patterned/colored product behind the photo to give a little more visual interest. 

Second, when using cards without a lot of color like this journal card that looks like notebook paper, I usually try to add a few embellishments in colors already being used on the spread. The best part about using a kit to make a page is you never have to guess whether or not it’s all going to match. On this card, I used some washi tape from the scrapbook kit, and a label, a puffy sticker, and the stamped “relax” from the Life Pages kit. 

Third, take cues from your chosen cards when adding embellishing. This heart 4×6 card was just begging to be hand-stitched. I found some embroidery floss in matching colors and sat down with a podcast while stitching. It’s definitely a bit extra work, but I find it’s the extra details like that that really bring the spread together and make it something special. 

Fourth, when layering photos and embellishments on a card, I make sure to have a mix of flat and dimensional elements. I find that when everything is flat, it’s more likely to all blend together. Playing with dimensional adhesive and using things like chipboard or puffy stickers gives me the power to make certain things stand out more. 

When trying to determine which things should be more dimensional, I try to keep my visual triangle in mind. I glance at my spread as a whole and try to create the triangle using at least three points on my spread. For this purpose, my “points” are my dimensional embellishments: the puffy sticker on the relax card, the “Explore” and the pop-dotted yellow heart, and the puffy sticker “right now.” I also consider my hand-stitching to be a dimensional element as well so I’ve got four points for my “triangle” on this spread. 

I often have a tendency to over-embellish these smaller pages, especially when there’s so much good stuff to use in the kit. The very last thing that I do when finishing any page is try to look at it with a somewhat critical eye and see if there’s any editing I need to do. Typically this involves me removing a few extraneous embellishments or adding accents such as an enamel dot or stitching. 

What are you making with your Gossamer Blue kits? We’d love to see! If you’re sharing on Instagram, be sure to tag us @gossamerblue so we can have a look!

Suzanna’s Life Pages


Nothing says summer, like adventure. I was so excited to see “adventure” as a theme throughout the June kits.

I made a couple pocket pages, mixing items from a few of the kits. The color scheme of mustard, turquoise, and light red was perfect for documenting and planning for summer adventures!

Using word strip stickers from the planner kit, I made a little cluster of words that reminded me of some of my favorite things about summer. I also added a few photos from past adventures Cody (my boyfriend) and I have gone on.

Everything about these pocket pages makes me want to make fun summer memories. I can’t wait to use other pieces from the kits to document future fun!

I’m looking forward to seeing how y’all document your summer adventures with this kit!




Odessa’s Life Pages


Ok. Seriously. I am pretty sure I am going to say that every Life Pages Kit is my new favourite, but this one miiiiight just take the cake. It had me at Mermaid Vibes which I just had to use on this layout. Luckily this kit coincided with our first camping trip of the year and the pictures went perfect with the kit!! I get all giddy about camping season and love documenting all the adventures I go on with my family.

This kit has a lot of vibrant colours going on, which go great with summery pictures! I decided to use only the Life Pages kit on this layout and had no trouble putting this together quickly!

After picking out my pictures (I had quite the stack to work from!) I started with the Good Vibes only card – I really liked the bright pink and yellow on it. From there I picked some cards and embellishments with similar tones as well as a bit of blue. And the Mermaid Vibes card! I paired that with some of the sequins in the kit for sparkly underwater vibes.

I used a 4×6 picture cut down to fit in the pockets as the title for the page. the pic is super pretty so I went simple – a tag from the kit to document date and place and some quick words paired with the super pretty relax stamp from the stamp set included in the kit. With the rich water tones it made sense to have the Mermaid Vibes card next to it.

In the second row I have a circular picture mounted on a bright 3×4 card (my current accent photo fav technique) with two full 3×4 pictures on either side. I reinforced the circular motif with some circular chipboard and puffy stickers from the kit and then added all the hearts and journaling I needed via tags and a word puffy sticker.

In the last row I have the Good Vibes card which I stamped with the ampersand from the stamp set. I have some pictures on either side, mounted on journal cards from the set. Then I have some more puffy and chipboard pictures to add the words. And the This Lazy Life stamp, which I can see myself using A LOT. Haha. 

I find picking out a colour or two to serve as a theme is a great way to start a layout. The pink and yellow are not even really present in my pictures, or even go with them, but using them as a focal point and as guidance when selecting other elements to add to the page really helps bring things together. Adding in blue as a secondary colour based on it being present in some of the photos makes the colours a bit more solid and work even better together. 

Thanks for stopping by today, see you soon!