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Clean and Simple – Life Pages Spread


Hello Gossamer Blue fans, Melanie here today to share another Life Pages spread. I find that my Life Pages spreads have evolved throughout the years, some key elements that are now part of my design process are crisp white cards, pictures that are light and airy, minimal accents that still make a bold statement.

Since I’ve been creating spreads for many years I have learned what type of design that makes me happy and that I love to see in my albums. I have therefore embraced the fact that my pages have evolved to a clean and simple design, which I would never thought would happen as my work is always product driven, I love to layer embellishments and create clusters.

I guess like all good fashion trends I have moved on to the next one that makes me happy. This is not to say that the other design styles are not in fashion, not at all, this simply means that I now create and design pages that reflect my style and make me happy. It’s all about creating an authentic design that you can relate to.

If you love mixed media and only black and white pictures, then go for it! Design, just like fashion, is a personal choice, we should never feel that we have to conform to follow “what’s in”, this is never the solution to creativity!

As I said my style has evolved to clean and simple, but with that being said… I still love to incorporate accent cards that have bold statements, such as the “currently” card. I find that these cards rarely require an embellishment because the statement on the card is enough, adding elements could have a counterproductive effect and create a cluttered card.

However, I did feel that the “currently” card could benefit from an arrow, the design of the arrow is long and thin, therefore it doesn’t clutter the accent card, it simply leads the eye to the journaling.

Another favorite clean and simple design trick is to incorporate journaling directly on the picture, this is the ideal solution for using white space in a creative way. I find this design technique often reminds me of a magazine layout, almost like an advertisement, where the content is placed directly on a picture. For a bit of color, I added a chipboard element placed at the top of the picture.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I had to create a small cluster of die cuts, but to do so I used a white accent card and pastel color die cuts, keeping with the light and airy design. Even though multiple items are layered on this card, the end product is still a light vignette, ideal for a date marker.

Finally, the heavy journaling is paired with a wood accent. I could have certainly left the card as is with only the journaling, but the wood veneer’s simple design didn’t overwhelm the card, it simply directs the eye to the journaling and complements the picture of my sleeping daughter.

As you can see my spread does have a clean and simple design but still has some fun accents that adds personality to my spread. Finding your style is not always easy and can change throughout the years (as mine did), but in the end it’s all about creating spreads that make you happy, regardless of the trends.

Happy crafting friends!

Life Pages – Let’s Switch Things Up!         



Hello creative friends, Melanie here today to share a Life Pages spread and tips for mixing up page protector sizes. I know for most of us we stay with one type of page protector, the one that suits best our needs and documenting format, for me this is 9×12.

However, at this time of the year I find that I am taking less pictures, mostly because of the shorter days (less daylight) and cold winter weather(more time indoors hibernating). I will often have only 5 to 7 good pictures to work with. I could certainly fill up my protectors with filler cards, however I do like to have a good balance between pictures and filler cards, otherwise I find that my pictures are lost amongst all the filler cards.

Therefore my trick to overcome this challenge is to switch up my page protectors to 6×12, this format still fits within my 9×12 album and doesn’t make my album feel out of balance.


This page format does offer similar design elements as the 9×12 or even the 12×12 protectors. The top pockets are 4×6 however I rarely use these with a 4×6 picture, instead I insert two 3×4 pictures or journaling cards. Having the option of using both picture format is also very convenient and can make it easier to plan a spread.


When working with a 6×12 format my design process will remain the same, I will still pair a picture with a journal card and make sure that I don’t have two pictures of different themes or subject side by side. I always ensure to separate my stories with a filler or journaling card. This is more pleasing to the eye and less confusing for the viewer.


I know that in the weeks ahead I will revert to using 9×12 page protectors but having options, especially ones that are not much different from the current process, is a very good thing. A fun little tip, if you can’t find 6×12 page protector, you can trim down a 12×12 protector in the middle, this will create a 6×12 protector. Yes a portion of the protector will no longer be useable for a pocket pages, but I do keep those scraps of protectors for flip pockets.


I hope you are inspired to try a new page protector format, if you do please make sure to post in our Facebook group, I would love to see!!! Happy memory keeping!!!

Mel Signature




Odessa LP Spread



Hi again! Odessa back with another layout this month using the March kits. Which are so great. The colours are so fresh and I am ready for spring just looking at them! I used all of the kits on this layout full of squares. I love square format pictures. With instagram I take them all the time. One of my favourite things to do is pick out some of my favourites and get them enlarged to 6×6 prints and then cut them down to fit in pockets. 


This layout was from a day trip up to an Icelandic/Viking festival around an hour north from me. It’s a really beautiful place so I had a ton of pictures to choose from. I picked three main pictures I really liked and enlarged them to 6×6. I paired each one with a word Thicker from the Scrapbook Kit to achieve a bold graphic effect. Big pictures, big words, big impact. I really liked the way the white words look on the pictures and how each word found a perfect place on each picture. That’s where I started.


From there, I figured out all the other pictures and then cut out some of the patterned cardstock from the Scrapbook Kit to fill in the holes. From there I pulled out ALL THE EMBELLISHMENTS. I love embellishing. I feel so naked when I leave a single square in a layout unembellished.


I used various stickers and chipboard pieces and wood pieces from all of the kits. I just LOVE the little word stickers in the planner kit – I think I’ve used them on four layouts already! The Shimelle sticker book that came with the Scrapbook kit had some perfect label stickers perfect for adding journaling to some of the cards I cut down. The exclusives from the Life Pages and Planner Kits are just amazing this month.