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Pocket Page + Organization


This layout took me longer than any layout I’ve probably ever done! Not because the actual layout took a long time, but because halfway through I got caught by the organizing bug. Does that ever happen to you? It’s a rare occurrence in my world so when it comes I need to run with it. 

I keep all the Gossamer Blue kits from past months in one 12×12 plastic container. When I went to combine the June kit with some older stuff I thought it was in good shape, but I was so so wrong! Disaster zone. I found a big patch of floor and got comfy getting organized, surrounding myself with piles. 12×12 paper, planner paper, washi strips, journal cards, chipboard, traveler’s notebook paper, stickers, enamel dots, stamps and so on. I knew there was still some amazing stuff in that box, but pulling it all out and sorting it made me realize just how much good stuff there was (I actually started a couple more layouts because of my organization). 

Then I got to the ephemera. Oh the ephemera!! I love ephemera, but find it hard to easily use once I’ve combined my kits. I had a stack of little bags full of great stuff but it’s a lot of work to go through them all to find the right pieces for a layout. It’s one thing when new ephemera comes with a kit, it’s there, it’s ready, and it’s just a bit. But this was months worth. So I decided to do something rash. I dumped them all into a pile and started sorting! I picked some main themes (shapes, small words, big words, animals, flowers, banners and labels, tags, numbers and days, and fun stuff). And instantly, it was easier to use! When I need a die cut piece, it’s usually something specific, so if I want a word strip or a bird, I know where to look instead of search instead of looking through all those bags.

So anyways! Back to the layout. The reason I started this post! I’ve been majorly into the pink. Like, weeks and weeks and weeks of pink. This page in my weekly album has some pictures from Fathers Day when we drove up to the beach and hung out an an old arcade. I pulled out some journal cards and papers in soft blues and bold patterns from the last few kits and got busy. As a bonus with my freshly organized kits it was so easy to find all sorts of bits and things that went well with the layout. Maybe juuuust shy of too many.

I used two circular pictures in the top and bottom corners and then two other photos from the day in the other corners with a journal card in the middle of each of those rows. In the top row I took a card from the Life Pages kit and added some words to help tell the story. In the journal card on bottom row I layered some cute ephemera that I liked and that went with the page overall. Everything I used is from kits from February to June with most of it being May and June. I find that even though each kit in each month has its own distinct feel, and that changes month to month, overall Gossamer Blue has an overall style that shines throughout all the kits every month. Which makes it really easy to use them all together and combine new and old kits.

In the middle I have a strip of arcade pics. I liked them all so I just featured them all in a row with some simple word strips and embellishing. I stuck with blues and greens mostly with a few warmer pops of red, yellow and peach so it didn’t have too monotone of a feel. And then as soon as the layout was done I went right into the next one because with my kits all perfectly organized it was SO easy!

Andrea’s Desk Tour


The scrap desk.

It evolves and flows with my current needs and stash but at some point I decided that THIS is the state in which I want to share it with my fellow crafters!

This space is constantly evolving and has changed a bit since I shot this video.But that doesn’t mean that it didn’t work at one time – probably 90% of how I organized this still holds up. No matter what, if someone can gain some inspiration or tips from my organized little space then I have succeeded!

As the New Year invites a sense of cleanliness and fresh starts, maybe a good place to begin is where we create – especially if you have goals of a cleaner and more organized space or a commitment to creating more in 2017.

I’m thrilled to share a special look inside my little tiny corner which holds endless creative energy and keeps me motivated! It looks a bit different these days but the structure and bones remain the foundation for this space. I hope you enjoy my little tour and Happy 2017 to you!

Andrea Signature

Kit Organization


Organizing my kits is super essential to my creating process.  If I skip this important task, I will end up spending way too much time searching through the kits looking for just the right embellishment or paper and this adds up to a lot of wasted time.  Today I am going to give you a peek into how I go about getting my kits ready for making projects and keeping me on task.

Space for my crafty supplies is somewhat limited in my household and I have found that using Iris cases and trays are the best way for me to organize my supplies because they not only let me spread out my embellishments neatly, the boxes are super easy for me to store away in a closet.

Here you can see that I have taken the embellishments from the January Scrapbook and Life Pages Kits and placed them in the tray. The compartments are adjustable in size and come in a few different widths, making it easy for me to get most of the non-paper items in them-there is even space for journaling cards! The larger embellishments, such as the alphabets or Thickers, are placed underneath the tray and on top of the patterned paper.

Don’t be afraid to cut up your embellishments so that they  fit into the tray (or whatever organization you are using) . Here I am cutting up a sticker sheet, but I have also cut sheets of brads, buttons…even sets of giant word phrases!

Having my supplies organized and clearly visible not only saves me lots of time and keeps my space neat, but I also use more of my supplies because I can see them all and can’t forget what I have!


Wishing you a great day.