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May Weekly Spread Using Planner Kit


Hey planner and scrapbook friends! I was so excited when I heard that our kits were mainly Gossamer Blue exclusives! This month’s color palette was such a spring feel with bright yellows and carnation pinks. 

Here’s the filled spread in my Get To Work Book:

Those cute die cuts are to die for. I used my Prima planner glue pen to adhere those tiny guys down:

The stickers in this month’s kit was also thinner so your planner won’t look so clunky when you have it closed:

I love this month’s title cards/to-do list cards as well:

This month’s planner kit also coordinates well with the new Travel Notebook kits! Have you seen them? They are fabulous!

Cathy’s Spring Weekly Spread


Hey Planner Friends!

Teal, pink, and yellow … those are my absolute favorite colors to plan with. I wanted to have you walk through my planner process and how to accentuate your planner pages with the Planner and Life Pages kit, along with some other things you probably have in your stash!

1) My planner pages usual start like this. Very simple, with just some reminders written in that I had documented days, weeks, sometimes months prior. Here I am using the Get To Workbook A5 pages and a Faber Castell journal pen. 

2) Every time I get full sheets in my planner kit I get excited. Not only are the sheets so versatile (for planner, pocket scrapbooking, card making or scrapbooking) but the colors are so vivid and bright.

I wanted to incorporate a “small” bit of the paper into my page, so I trimmed it down to 1.6 x 6 inches and ripped it.

Then I adhered it down to a white space – I never really use the footnote, so I thought the real estate here worked great. 

3) Grab some markers or highlighters! This is where your art skills are going to come into play. Do a bit of shading in “blah” spots. These are brush pens by Yoobi that you can grab from Target.

4) I LOVE these labels from our Life Pages Kit. Cover your reminders – here is where the decorating starts taking life. I know it feels like double work, but repeat the reminders but instead, write on your labels.

5) I am a huge fan of color coding. So make yourself a cute legend. This can also be done on a sticky note so you can just use it on different weeks. I decided to make this a one-week legend, since it’s the end of March and I will most likely use a different color scheme for April. Those dots are perfect for this! Color code your reminders on your main page to reflect your key as well!

6) Write some more pertinent reminders on the sticky notes directly, then adhere these to your layout. This just mixes up your page a bit. And also, not everything needs to be on a label or sticky note. Switch it up and write directly in the planner. That’s ok too!

7) And throughout the week, add your reminders and color code accordingly. This helps me understand the flow of my week better!

Here are some shots of the finished week. I added a few of the puffy stickers from the Life Pages Kit as well!

I love the “spring-y” feel of how this layout turned out!

See how the highlighting/coloring of the check boxes makes the page pop!

I am totally going to hoard that flower paper!

Puffy stickers unite! How perfect was it to capture our casino’s Tournament Weekend!

Lucky Weekend!

Thanks for stopping by guys!

Bullet Journal Grocery List + Meal Plan


Hey Everyone! It’s Ann-Marie again, today I am showing you how I set up my weekly meal planner in my mini, dot-grid notebook. For my meal planning I need two things: to ensure that I have enough meals for the week, and a list of what to buy at the grocery store. I have a basic set up that I use every week, with slight changes to adapt to unusual weeks. 

For instance, this week I only need to plan for 6 days instead of 7 so I took out the line for Sunday’s meals. This is a very simple layout, specially good to adapt for beginner bullet journal users. If you eat a different number of meals per day, just add or subtract columns. Need to track something (Calories, vegies, etc)? You can put that instead of the snack or grocery list section. Customize as you see fit!

My finalized meal planner for the week is below, and I have already gone off schedule… oops.

Watch how i put this together using this month’s planner kit:

I hope you enjoyed this little demonstration of my bullet journal! If you have a meal planning system that works for you I’d love to see it!