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Cathy’s Planner Spread


Hey everyone! If you’re like me, you’re wondering where the summer went? I used July’s kits (all 4) to create this layout in my Get To Work Book planner.

White alphas are my absolute favorite. Take a highlighter or brush pen and you can color your alphas any way you like!

This week was super hectic for me. Between my yoga sessions and house hunting, it was very rare to leave any white spaces in my spread.

The colors this month remind of a preppy feel but totally fun. I incorporated light pinks in it just to keep it refreshing. I’m pretty feminine so the pinks and yellows brought that out a bit.

Layer, layer, layer. I do it in my scrapbook layouts and it looks even cuter and dainty in a smaller format such as a planner!

I doodle a lot! So the boxing of my schedule is common in my planner.

Don’t you just love this months color themes? So on your next project, pull out “planner friendly” items like I did and see what you can do your kit!!!

Nathalie’s Planner Spread


Happy Friday everyone! Nathalie here. Today I wanted to do a quick share of my July planner spread!

I am a functional planner but I enjoy a pretty spread and I loved the colors in the July planner kit. I started decorating this one with the washi strips (which I usually do), vertically to create two boxes per day.

I then used the stamp set included in the kit with red and black ink. To finish off, after the pen, I played with the die cuts.

Sometimes their placement is dictated by an event and others, they’re just decoration. Either way, looking at that week made me happy and motivated me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shaker Clips


Hello! I hope everyone is having a great summer! Today I am going to show you how to make your own shaker clips or shaker charms -the only difference being what you attach to the shaker. 

There are two kinds of shaker clips that I make, generally: the ones that are see through and those that have only one clear side. To make either you will need to raid your Gossamer Blue stash for a few things:

– Your choice of any pretty cardstock or scrapbook paper

– The thick cardboard/chipboard that is in your main kits (the pieces that keeps the other pieces for bending)

– Whatever you want to put in the shaker to shake – I have cleverly named these ‘shake-y things’. These can be ephemera, die cuts, enamel stickers that you have removed the stickiness from, etc.

General craft supplies you’ll need

– some sort of clear plastic, there are clear crafting plastics you can buy but to keep this easier to do I used leftover pieces of lamination plastic. 

– Glue

– Thick paper, which really you could just use the chipboard again but that’s hindsight 

and finally (not pictured) you will need either a paper clip or a bit of chain depending on how you want to attach your shaker.

Below are the supplies I used to make one traveler’s notebook charm and one planner clip. I am using a pink and white patterned paper from the June traveler’s notebook kit, then gold stars and enamel stickers from other kits.

For this demonstration I am making my shaker clips in a circle shape, the outer diameter measuring about 1.75 inches. You can choose any shape you want – I just suggest choosing a shape that looks good with it’s center cut out.

The first step is to layer and glue the packaging chipboard, since I chose to use the gold stars I needed to glue three on top of each other. In this step you are creating hollow space for your shake things to move around in – the thinner your shaking items the less chipboard you’ll need to stack, the thicker the more. If you were just shaking glitter or die cuts you may only need one layer. 

My next step is to attach the top layers of clear plastic then hollow card stock. If you are attaching a chain for a TN charm the time to do it would be now.

Then turn the piece upside down (so the card stock is facing the table) and fill with your shake-y items. If you want to use puffy stickers you will need to make them less sticky before putting them in. you can do this by removing the adhesive layer, dipping the adhesive in powder, or attaching two together.

For the planner clip I take two of the thick card stock circles and glue them around the paperclip. This provides structure for the clip. You will attach two whole circles of patterned card stock next – one on each side. Then glue the ring of chip board (with shake-y things inside) to one side. 

For the see through TN charm attach another clear circle then patterned hollow circle instead. 

Voila! You are ready to decorate.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I’d love to see if you make one!