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Zinnia’s TN



Hello there! It’s Zinnia here today back with another Traveler’s Notebook spread.

Without further ado, let me show you my full spread.

Here’s the overall view of my spread…

I love how the colors match so well with eachother!  

Some close-up shots…


This hooray die cut tags included in the kit is my most favourite embellishment!

How are you liking this spread? Do share with me your thoughts!

As usual, thanks for dropping by & have an awesome day!

Traci’s TN


Hey everyone! Traci here with a look inside a special Traveler’s Notebook I’m making using the Gossamer Blue July kits all about our travels around our new city – Knoxville TN!

I used parts of each kit to make this spread about our trip to $.50 hot dog night at Smokies Stadium!

Interested in the process? Check out my process video below!


Thanks for stopping by the GB blog today!


Neftali’s TN Process

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Hey everyone, it’s Neftali here once again. I am here today to share with you all a super quick and fun Traveler’s Notebook spread.

First off, I have to start by saying that I took the plunge this month by mixing all four of my GB kits into one happy, scrappy pile! Now I say that I “took the plunge” because I am usually not one to mix any of my kits. I normally keep them tidy in their baggies and pick a kit to work with when I’m about to work on a project.

This month just felt different, though, because I didn’t really know where to begin. So I just put all my kits together! I got to say that it’s the best, most surprising feeling seeing how great this month’s kits truly are and they were truly worth the wait once you see it all out on the table so pretty and colorful.

So I had my first moment of inspiration after mixing all my kits together called for a Traveler’s Notebook spread. I am still using one of last month’s notebooks as I don’t fill them very quickly and I work in it just as I do my 12×12 layouts. I normally find inspiration through my photos and then go from there.

That’s why I picked a fun photo of my son indulging in some yummy ice cream. I immediately picked the polka dotty TN cardstock as it reminded me of sprinkles. I covered the whole right page of my spread and trimmed off the excess. Once I did that I used the longer excess piece to add to the edge of my left page. I did this once before and I loved how well it connects both pages! But, also, I am not wasting any paper, how great is that?

I then went crazy with my embellishing. Since I had everything out on my desk, I literally had SO much to choose from. For my journaling I cut one of the Life Pages Kit’s 4×6 cards at an angle and attached it to the bottom right hand corner of my spread.

My favorite part of the layout has to be my title. I love how silly it is and it goes so well with the photo of my son. Plus, I love how I used a mix of pretty much all the kits to create it!

I had so much fun with this Traveler’s Notebook spread. As a matter of fact, I think this is the first TN spread I’ve shared on the GB Blog. Yay!

I am very quickly becoming an enthusiast for Traveler’s Notebooks and I can’t stop. I hope you’ve all given it a try especially if you have this month’s TN Kit.

I hope you enjoyed this spread and that you are inspired to go out and mix all of your Gossamer Blue goodies this month to give you even more scrappy adventures. I’ll be back soon with more scrappy inspiration, bye for now!