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Sian’s Time Travelin’ Notebook


Hello there! It’s Sian here and today I’m working in my Traveler’s Notebook. Or, maybe I should say that I’m working on one of my Traveler’s Notebooks, because one of the things that I’m enjoying most about the latest Gossamer Blue kit is that fresh notebook every month.

I have a stack of ideas for spreads I’d like to make, but they don’t all necessarily fit together. And that’s just fine: a notebook doesn’t have to be filled all at once, so if I come up with a new subject, I start a new notebook.

My May book has a “fresh distressed” feel, with deliberately rumpled edges and messy stitching; and it has become a diary. But when I opened my June kit, something in my brain said ” 70’s retro” and

As I thought about that idea for a theme, my eyes fell on a stack of my childhood photos I had printed out many years ago, when I first started scrapbooking. I knew very little, then, about editing pictures, or making more clear what had been scanned from old prints. So those pictures have been sitting in a drawer ever since: not really nice enough to use on layouts, but still far too charming to throw away. I had a lightbulb moment!

A notebook is a very freeing way to scrapbook. I’ve found working in one it has encouraged me to chop up photos, tear paper and use tiny scraps; so I knew I’d be able to cut into and use the best parts of my old pictures and that with retro style embellishments I could play up the faded ’70’s charm of the poor prints. So I made the swimsuit page and then…

I found that I had words but no pictures for my next memory: with a TN that’s more than good enough, though, so I pulled seaside pieces from this month’s Planner Kit for another spread. That quote?

I took it from a card in the kit. I have my eye on that card for another project, so I used the words here : double the usage!

For my third spread

I turned back to my old pictures. You can probably see here why I thought ’70’s, with that plant pot and the cork button and the woodgrain and that lovely bright green.

That’s me in the brown sandals . I loved that dress. I had a hard time giving it up and handing it over to my little sister when it finally got too small. But that’s another story!

Now, I wonder what will be in next month’s kit? Anything to add to my ’70’s collection? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime I hope that I’ve encouraged you to think about a plan for a new notebook. If you have an idea, why not post it in our FB group. I’d love to hear.

Anabelle’s TN



I love the new Traveler’s notebook kit! I’ve been keeping memories in my notebook now for about a year and the kit has the perfect embellishments and papers for what I need.

This month’s kit has such bright fun colors. They are perfect for summer time fun layouts and spreads. But, they don’t HAVE to be used that way.

Today, I’m sharing a layout showcasing a political march I attended back in January. The colors and themes worked perfectly here, too.

The design on the layout is fairly uncomplicated. I created a focal point on each page.

I added some patterned paper to the photo side.

Then, I began adding embellishments. I always try to keep the ‘rule of 3’ and ‘visual triangle’ design elements in mind as I create my layouts.  I also created the same effect using the wood grain washi and ‘#love this’ die cut, the yellow die cut elements and the stars.

Finally, I added some stamping on three sides of the page.



Pulling together a traveler’s notebook page is so easy using our kit. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Scrapbooking with The Planner Kit

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Hello everyone! Ria here.

I only recently started creatively decorating my planner/ TN late last year.  I really love the Gossamer Blue planner kits because the kits have everything I need to make planning more fun, pretty and of course, functional.  Recently, I discovered that I could also use the planner kit for scrapbooking as well!

The June Planner kit has a lot of summer themed supplies so it was perfect for documenting one of my past beach trips.  I chose one of the patterned papers that reminded me of beach waves and I trimmed it down to fit my Traveler’s Notebook.  

The kit also has an ephemera pack that has a lot of beach themed die cuts.  I also love that the sticker sheet had summer themed sentiments as well.

And that is how versatile the Gossamer Blue planner kit is.  It’s not only perfect for planning; it’s also good for scrapbooking as well.  

I hope you can challenge yourself to try scrapbooking with your planner kit too.  Thank you!