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Creating Custom Page Protectors


Hi there everyone!  Stephanie here with you today to share how to create your own customized page protectors.  I love the various sizes that are offered, but I also love to mix things up and create my own every once in a while.

One of my monthly projects is to document 12 photos on the Twelfth of each month.  For this month, I wanted to use instagram-sized photos, so I decided to create my own “square pocket” page protector.  It’s easy to do if you have a sewing machine.  And if you don’t, I’ve seen people hand stitch these, so you could always give that method a try!


1. Start by gathering your supplies.

I picked out some of my favorite papers from the different February kits to use as my patterned paper. I tried to find papers that had patterns that coordinated well on both the front and the back.  You will also need a 12×12 page protector (one large pocket) and a sewing machine/needle & thread.


2. Trim your papers.

I decided I wanted to create 3×3 inch pockets so I trimmed my papers accordingly.  I also only want 3 columns so my plan is to trim off the remaining 3″ of my page protector.  You could make your “pockets” any size you would like….just make sure you measure and line everything up first.


3. Place your cards and decide where you want your photos to go.

Here, I’ve placed my trimmed papers, tags and wood veneer on top of my page protector to make sure everything fits and to make sure I have enough room between each column/row to add my stitching.  You may have to trim off a little from each card depending on the exact dimensions of your page protector.

After your trimmed papers are down, decide where you will adhere your photos.  I like to use sticky notes on top of my paper as a visual.  Do the same with the backside of your cards.

4.Print, trim and adhere your photos on your designated cards.

I like to keep a white border around mine, so I made sure to print them smaller than my trimmed papers.  In the end, I actually printed them too small, so the papers served as a “mat” to my photos.  I’m totally fine with that!


5. Add any embellishments or journaling.

Once your cards are all sewn inside the pockets, you won’t be able to remove them to add anything.  Be sure they are all finished and ready to go before you start sewing.


6. Sew and trim your page protector.

I start by measuring out a piece of paper the length and width I would like my entire page to be.  In this case, my page protector will be 9×12 inches.  Slip your paper into your 12×12 page protector and sew along the outside right edge of the paper.


7.Create columns for your cards.

Remove the paper and trim into 3″ strips (or whatever size your pockets will be). Sew in-between the trimmed papers to create columns.


8. Add in your cards/photos.

Again, remove the papers and add your photos/cards starting with the bottom row.


9. Sew rows.

After you have slipped in the bottom row of cards/photos, sew in a straight line right above your cards. Add the next row and repeat the sewing until you have finished!


**Sewing tip: I keep my stitch length at about 4.0.  Any smaller and I sometimes feel like the stitches are too close together and may perforate over time.  Sewing on a page protector can be a little tricky if you try to go too fast.  I just pace myself and take it slowly.

Occasionally I will have to gently “push” the page protector through the needle.  This is likely because there isn’t much “glide” over the sewing machine footer.  Someone once recommended adding a piece of trimmed washi over the bottom of the footer to help it move easier, but I haven’t tried this yet.  Just be sure to take your time!

And here is a look at the front and back of my finished sewn page protector!  I love the squares, and how it’s smaller than the normal 12×12 size.

Stitched Page Protector / via Gossamer Blue

Supplies: February 2014 Main Kit, February Main Add-on Kit, February Life Pages Main Add-On Kit, February Life Pages Themed Add-On Kit

Thanks so much for joining me today!  I know there are a lot of steps, but I promise it’s pretty easy once you get going!!  Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help!  Can’t wait to see what you create!


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