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Meet Christine Middlecamp

Christine Middlecamp


Four years ago, following a series of major life alterations, I came to know scrapbooking as a place of solitude, story telling and creative opportunity. The beginning was when I said my final farewell to my beloved spouse of thirteen years, Eric. I began to seek out ways to encapsulate the memories we shared together, as well as the celebratory moments of our son, Ethan, whom is now five years old and entering his first year of Kindergarten. Since then, it’s been an evolutionary process of grand proportions! What started as a blog about saying good-bye to a loved one, is now a place I call home for sharing stories about widowhood, scrapbooking, Crate Paper, everyday life, and more. Three years ago, I discovered Crate Paper, or should I say, they discovered me. Over time, my involvement in the company expanded, and today, I serve as design team coordinator for Crate’s seventeen-member design team! When not involved with Crate Paper, you can find me here, at Gossamer Blue, or as an occasional contributor to Canada’s premier scrapbook magazine, Scrapbook and Cards Today. I also enjoy the likes of Bella Boulevard, Elle’s Studio, Fancy Pants, and more.

My life experience is made of numerous layers, just as my scrapbook style is with its infinite detailing and well-tidied embellishment presentations. To get through one of my layouts, takes time. To create one, even more time.  Not a single story documented is without it’s own carefully choreographed design. Each layout, mini album, card, what-have-you, is built on a grid, but isn’t overly precise to the point of simplicity. I rarely let a clean line stay “as-is”. Some have referenced my work as being an “organized mess”. I’d say that just about sums it up.  Almost.