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DIY: TN Pocket Folder


I love my kits…all of them, but I tend to say my favorite is whichever one I’m working with at any given moment. Right now, That’s the June Main Scrapbook Kit.

I feel like I have used this kit in so many ways this month and last month, the least of which has been actual layouts. It’s easy to forget that these kits can be used in a LOT of different ways. Once upon a time, many moons ago, I used kits to make layouts…that’s it. Those days are long gone. Now I use these kits every which way I can and I’m enjoying the process of making things that are cute but also functional. That brings me to the fun pocket folder I just made for my Traveler’s Notebook.

This folder is a hybrid of several different templates and tutorials I’ve come across over the years. Back in my young designer days people paid me to come up with interesting pocket folders for wedding invitations…and interestingly enough, I continue to use those skills all the time.

Here are the basic components of the folder. There’s the back, the right pockets and the left pockets. The measurements can be found on the photo below. You will notice that on the folder itself I added center folds ⅛” apart.

When working with cardstock, creating those close score lines will result in a more rounded fold rather than the typical flat fold. This makes it so the folder can more easily wrap around a thick notebook insert. There is also a double score line 2” from the edge. That small allowance will give a bit of room to the items placed in the gusseted pocket.


The steps are simple…cut on the straight lines, score on the dashed lines and adhere at the points that I marked “tape” in the above photo. Keep in mind that if you want to sew (like I did) or stamp on your pockets, it’s a lot easier to do that before you glue them down. All the pockets have a round notch in them that I made using a 1” circle punch. The left pocket includes a closure flap. I used a corner chomper to round the corners and added a small velcro dot so that whatever I put in won’t fall out.

Now…it’s one thing to make a very cute folder with pockets…but what to do with it? Well, I made this pocket expressly for my Traveler’s Notebook. It is meant to slide under the rubber band and wrap around one of my notebook inserts.

It could also be a fun addition to your TN planner. In my scrapbook TN I will use the front pockets for the ephemera of life. I hope to fit at least two months into this notebook cover so the pockets will serve both those months. They will be perfect for receipts, movie tickets, business cards, clothing tags, and any other smallish bits I collect. The large gusseted back pocket could hold extra photos, hidden journaling, brochures, or other larger pieces of ephemera that may not fit in the front. Now go forth and make stuff:)



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thank you for this tutorial
I just used it to make a cover for my first TN!
I love that I’ll have a pocket for any little extras.

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