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Double Page Layout

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Hello! For my layout today I decided to go back to my roots and create a double page layout. I am a big believer in mixing things up and the idea of creating a two page layout with the fun February Scrapbook Kit got me pretty excited.

When I first began scrapbooking I did my fair share of double page layouts before I made the switch to single pages, yet ironically as I sat down to work on a design for today’s project, I drew a big blank.  I had all this wonderful space, but felt unsure as how to approach it.

I turned to Pinterest, but my search for inspiration just added to my frustration. Sensing I needed some distance from the blank space in front of me, I settled into doing chores and as I worked I thought about what was really frustrating me–the fact that my old two page style is just that-old. The two page layouts that I used to do, as well as all the layouts I was pulling up on Pinterest, were incredibly linear and neat and that is not how I scrap today.

With that minor revelation in mind, I returned to my project and did what I like to do now–lots of layers, slightly messy ,simple details, and white space. Let me tell you-the excitement for this project returned pretty quickly!  Here is what I came up with:

#scrapbook layout by Michelle for Gossamer Blue

Once I abandoned my old ideas of how a two page layout should look, things easily came together. As I was working, a new appreciation for having the extra space was born. I suddenly had lots of room to fit the bits and pieces that I liked and I was able to fit in three photos, something that I struggle with on a single page.   

I also liked the challenge of stretching my elements across the longer canvas to create a cohesive design. Lots of fun was had documenting this memory!






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I LOVE this! I’m currently working on finishing an album from 2002(!!!)–and keeping it that “old” style (:insert gasping face here::), which has been an interesting process.
I am really looking forward to getting back into more “modern” scrapbooking very soon. I think your two-pager is so fresh and beautiful, and I can’t wait to get into my craft room and be inspired by its modernity.

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