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Embellished Ornaments


Hi everyone, and a happy lovely Holiday season to you all! Christmas decor has always been one of my favorite parts of the Holidays. I have such fond memories of my Grandparents getting out the collection of ornaments and then we would all sit together and unwrap each one. So this year I wanted to make my own pretty ornaments using some simple glass bulbs and a few glittered stickers – I used the Merry and Bright Word Stickers from the Life Pages Themed add on kit.


To start with, you’ll need a small collection of glass bulb ornaments, word stickers, craft glue, glitter, spray paint, and a paint brush.

I decided to spray paint my stickers first with a gold paint to match the the glitter. It only takes a minute to dry and if you end up with a little too much paint on the sheet, simply wipe away the excess with a paper towel.


Next, working with one sticker title at a time,  use the craft glue and dab a few small amounts of glue onto the sticker. Use a paintbrush to spread the glue along and be sure to cover the entire area of the sticker. Once your sticker is covered with glue, sprinkle the glitter, enough to cover the entire sticker. Let the glitter set into the glue and dry before peeling it off of the sheet.



Once the stickers are dry you’ll be able to peel them right off and add them to the glass ornaments. Be sure to gently position and press the sticker on the glass bulb.




I think a mix of these handmade ornaments and a few vintage bulbs all wrapped up together would make a really pretty gift idea as well! I hope you like this DIY holiday ornament idea!

Happy crafting!


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This is such a brilliant idea!! Too bad I used up those exact stickers for some Christmas cards already, I would love to make some ornaments like these!

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