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Five Ways to Use Paints in Cardmaking

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Hey, Gossamer Blue fans! It’s Brenda here with you today.

I love to get a little messy sometimes with paints and other color mediums, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ways to incorporate paints into your projects.

1. Scrape it on to create a background.

I grabbed a plastic card from a credit card offer that came in the mail for this, but an extra thick piece of card stock or a piece of cardboard or chipboard would work just as well.

Pick up some of the paint with the card and scrape it onto your project piece. I used a gauche paint for this because it was a  little thicker bodied than acrylic and I really wanted good coverage. Chalkboard paint might also work.

I like the causal, messy look this techniques gives. And it will turn out differently every time. Try using other colors, maybe even several colors together. That would be fun!

I added some flower die cuts and a couple of stickers for the sentiment. Since the stickers were also black, they blend right in.

2. Use the end of the brush to create dots.

This is such a fun way to use paints. Grab a paintbrush, dip the end of the handle in your pant, and then dab it onto your project for perfect little, and slightly raised, dots. I did this to decorate the back side of an envelope. Make sure to give it extra drying time.

3. Dilute the paint a bit to make larger, freestyle dots.

Now that you’ve used the handle of the brush to make some dots, let’s use the other end for some freestyle dots. I made mine large and loose, but you can make them any size you like.

I personally think the loose design looks great with a round shape, but leaves or triangles, or other shapes would also be fun to try. Maybe try different shaped brushes for different shaped designs.

This time I made my dots on the front side of a large, square envelope.

4. Make stripes.

This is probably my favorite way to use paints and watercolors on my projects. You can make skinny stripes, wide stripes, or in between stripes.

You can criss cross them or make a plaid design. The possibilities are endless. Try diluting your paint with water for a more transparent color. That would be a great way to layer them over each other, for a plaid design, for instance.

These thin stripes took only a few seconds to make. I didn’t try to keep them perfect. I like the imperfect look. So easy.

5. Add splatters.

This is another of my favorite ways to use paints. Sometimes a project just doesn’t feel complete until I’ve added a few splatters of paint or ink. I don’t know why. I like the unpredictability of adding a few paint splatters. You never really quite know what you’ll get.

Here I stamped and colors my background and then added my splatters when it was dry.


To make the splatters I grabbed a little bit of paint on my paintbrush and then placed it on a clear stamping block, adding a little bit more water to this it out enough for splattering. You’ll want the consistency of ink. Then I flick the brush, loaded with the diluted paint, across the edge of the stamping block to make the splatters spritz onto my paper.

And a few bonus ideas for using paints on your projects:

  • Brush white paint over a bold printed patterned paper to tone down the colors a bit.
  • Hand paint a title on your scrapbook page.
  • Use paint to color in open designs on a piece of patterned paper.
  • Use paint to color your embellishments. Wood veneer is a great option for this.

Have fun with your paints. There are so many ways to use paints, and so many pretty colors available to purchase. Grab a few bottles and give it a whirl!


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