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Holiday Travel Journal

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Hi! It’s Kasia “Antilight” Petrus over here and today I’m giving you a challenge. A challenge that I’ve taken myself as well, to use single kit for entire project. To expand the possibilities I added some light mix medias like gelatos and brush pens, the rest came from July’s Traveler’s Notebook Kit.

Supplies: : June Travel’s Notebok Kit (and what’s left from it after completing my project)

My journal is on a simpler and lighter side. That’s understandable as I have little time on my hand with almost a toddler at home 🙂 But still I was able to close our holiday memories in one place.

One might think that the TN is not a very big one but believe me it has everything you need to complete one project and there will be some left overs too that you can use elsewhere.

I’ll let you on my little secret – this was my first TN ever! And you know what? I love this form! It’s quick and easy, the base is already made (and GB notebooks are super cute, and the paper withstands water nicely!), you don’t need much to make one from start to finish. WHat’s not to love here?

Before I started my TN I had a good time on Pinterest getting inspired for mine, but in the end I used my experience from scrapbooking times in making my pages. Maybe next time I’ll try to lift some inspirations I’ve pinned down 🙂

I hope you like my idea for a challenge and try to undertake it 🙂 And remember: always have fun!

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