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Inspired By: Quotes


One of the things I love about being a “notebooker” (did I just make that up???) is the freedom. The freedom to determine how I choose to “keep” a memory. Honestly, that has less to do with the notebook and more to do with my own personal evolution. I think broadening my own view of scrapbooking has cleared the way for stories I would never have documented for various reasons.


Not all the stories I document in my notebook are related to a memory. My new style of scrapbooking is highly influenced by the commonplace notebooks of my past. The ideas, the song lyrics, a tiny sketch of a bird I saw in the yard, recipes I want to try…something I overheard while in line at the post office.

Those are the things that I’ve begun to include in my everyday notebook. I think it’s important to occasionally disconnect my stories from my pictures. This may seem odd, but the moment I started doing that I found myself documenting different stories…the thoughts and feelings that will one day tell the story of who I was.

In this layout, I was inspired to tell a story based on a quote I came across a few weeks ago.


I created a tipin using some of that lovely paper from the Shimelle collection that came in the March Main Scrapbook Kit. This paper was so pretty and whimsical that I did my best to not cover up very much of it. I used clear tape so that the seam was relatively invisible.

Note: A tipin a piece of patterned paper,  a journal card/photo or anything that has been added to a book usually using washi tape as a hinge of sorts. They are very common in books that contain fixed pages. I also call them flips and flaps because they are meant to flip up or flip open!




Here’s a look at the first two pages. I used a stamp from the March Life Pages Kit to create a repeating design to function as a title of sorts. I then scattered those adorable wood veneer pieces. I added some sewing to that scalloped paper piece before adhering it to the page.

I fussy cut the scallop from a full 12×12 sheet. The tag on the opposing page was originally a journal card that I cut down and ran through my printer so I could add the quote:



On the other side of the tipin, i included a small embellishment cluster using some exclusive labels and chipboard from the Life Pages Kit. I placed these bits and pieces on the lower left side of the page so they wouldn’t cover up the adorable pattern. This left me with more than enough space to write on the right side. On the upper right hand corner I repeated some of the stamping and the scallop paper that I had on the first page. I like doing this as a means of tying things together.




Here’s a quick tip for those of you who worry that the chipboard is too thick for their Traveler’s Notebooks. I get rid of a few layers…it’s just paper after all. I use fine tipped scissors to split the chipboard and then I gently pull it apart. Here’s a look:


I hope that this encourages and inspires you to start adding different kinds of stories into your scrapbooks and notebooks. Look for quotes that provide a jumping off point for a story you want to document but never had a picture to go with it. Don’t forget that so many embellishments are quote based and can work perfectly as a story starter.

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You have inspired me today!! And I pinned these also! Love your design/layout. I have the day off tomorrow and now know what I’ll be doing! Thanks so much for sharing!
PS. Where did you get the tiny dotted heart? Love it!

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