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Introducing a New Monthly Challenge: Project 12


Project-12byDFScrapbooking has always been about preserving your memories.  Art has become an additional way of expressing yourself on your pages, but traditionally, scrapbooking involved photos and memorabilia to document your life.  Becky Higgins brought the traditional form of scrapbooking to the forefront again with the concept of Project Life.  You can read more about Becky Higgins and her memory keeping system here.

I loved the idea of Project Life but knew it wasn’t going to be something I could commit to in the way it was intended.

I am a busy Mom.

I work outside the home.

I have other hobbies.

I want to run a half-marathon this year.

I want to sew a quilt for my bed.

I want to knit a scarf.

I want to DIY some home décor projects.

I want to make things with my kids.

I want to read a book.

I need to be able to clean my house, make dinner, and do nothing if I want to.

I am also a slow scrapbooker.  I knew that committing to something weekly wasn’t going to work for me and I’d quickly lose interest and motivation as I fell behind.

In 2009 I started hosting a challenge on my blog that took on Project Life in a different way.  I called it Project 12.

One two-page spread per month.  12 layouts per year.

I have enough content to fill a two page layout per month, with photos to spare for regular scrapbook projects.

I have time to commit to one 2-page layout per month.

I have space for two 12×12 albums per year to house these layouts.

In 2013 I have decided to try something different.  I wanted to try something that allowed for more photos per layout on my 2-page spread.  I decided to utilize the divided page protectors and go back to scrapbooking’s roots.

Davinie Fiero. Uses January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

Davinie Fiero. Uses January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

The Project 12 challenge is simple:

Whether you take 1 photo or 100 photos per month, you have a life to document.  Each month, your challenge is to document your life on a layout.  I am going to be using divided page protectors and documenting our life on a 2-page spread.  I will have 12 2-page layouts per year that will be housed together in 12×12 albums and displayed so my family can look at them anytime they like.

Angie Gutshall. Uses January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

Angie Gutshall. Uses January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

Cindy Liebel. Using January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

Cindy Liebel. Using January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.


I use my phone a lot and will be using a lot more phone photos in 2013.

I use Instagram a lot.  I love the Earlybird wash (my username is Davinie).

I also love the Momento app.  I can type in notes when we do something fun or my girls say something funny.  It also keeps track of my Instagram feed and Facebook updates too so that when I begin to put my layout together, I have all of our memories in one place.

Emily Spahn. Using January Main and Add-on kits.

Emily Spahn. Using January Main and Add-on kits.

Kim Moreno. Using January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

Kim Moreno. Using January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

I love this challenge because it allows you to share more of your story in a way that your family can easily enjoy.  You get a chronological look at your life.  The time commitment leaves an opportunity to do other things.  I don’t want to be tied to something.  This method of recordkeeping allows the flexibility to take a break and do other things while still filling your scrapbooks.

Magda Mizera. Using January Main and Add-on kits.

Magda Mizera. Using January Main and Add-on kits.

Naomi Atkins. Using January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

Naomi Atkins. Using January Bits & Pieces and Color kits.

I hope you’ll join me staring this month!  Gossamer Blue will be a wonderful host.  There’s even a prize involved.

To play along,

  1. Follow Gossamer Blue on Pinterest HERE
  2. Leave a comment on this post with your Pinterest name letting us know you are following us.
  3. Gossamer Blue will follow you back and invite you to contribute to our Project 12 Pinterest Board
  4. Accept the invitation from Gossamer Blue.
  5. You are now ready to post your Project 12 spread to our Project 12 Pinterest board.

Each month Gossamer Blue will pick a winner at random to win a prize. This month there are two chances to win.

1. Sign up to play following the rules above by January 25th and Gossamer Blue will pick a random winner to receive $20 Gift Certificate to the store on January 28th.

2. Create a Project 12 spread recapping the month of December and post it to the Project 12 Pinterest board by January 18th. Gossamer Blue will pick a random winner to receive $20 Gift Certificate to the store on January 19th.

I will post about Project 12 on the 3rd of each month. 

I hope you will play along.  Having participated in this challenge for the past few years I can tell you my Project 12 layouts are the most treasured layouts in my albums.  They tell our story better than any album of scrapbook layouts could.


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I am following you all on Pinterest. I am Erin Colby. I think this concept is a great idea. Much easier and more attainable than a weekly task.

Love love love this challenge!! I’m not a PL person either, can’t keep up with that. But Project 12…I can do that!
I’m already a follower on Pinterest, I’m Danielle2108

I, too, am a slow scrapbooker plus I have tons of photos of my four children that have yet to be scrapped. (I was late to the party and didn’t start this hobby until they were in their teens.) I started Project Life last year but quickly fell behind. I was contemplating a monthly layout concept. When I read your rationale for Project 12 it felt good to know there was someone else out there like me –except I don’t want to run a half marathon this year 🙂 Thanks!!

I’m on board! I really wanted to do Project life this year but I knew I would bail at some point. Too much life to enjoy right now but I don’t want to forget it all. THIS IS PERFECT!!! My name on Pinterest is Jen Day. Thanks!

WOOT! I have been dragging my feet on Project Life because it’s just too daunting… This is totally doable!! Love it! Following on Pinterest as goldiecar.

I was considering PL, but opted against it because my time is so limited, the idea of getting behind overwhelmed me, etc., etc., but Project 12 is something I can totally manage! Fantastic idea and can’t wait to get rolling! My Pinterest name is jiller6.

Love this idea! Did PL last year, but it’s too much for me.. Result is that I still need to finish half a year of PL. I’m determined to do it, but it’s going to take time.. This Project however is perfectly do-able for me. Really would like to participate! I was already following you guys on Pinterest (username: sparklin). Would love to play along! Thanks for the inspiration!

I have been doing P12 since 2009 and love Davinie’s work. Totally playing this year too.
Am your follower in pinterest. Am luisamorgan.

I am very excited about this idea, and really hope I can keep it going. I have thought many times about doing Project Life, but it was always very overwhelming sounding to me…I think I can keep up with this one.

I just started following on Pinterest. My username is emmayrand. Love the monthly format for doing project life. Eager to participate!!!!

I am so confused on this comment thing so please forgive me if I double did it….LOL I just joined Pinerest so I could do this challenge. I sooooooooo looke forward to the Progect 12 for 2013

see and then I forgot on the seconded comment to put my ueser name for Pinerest…lol More coffee please. 🙂 Pinerest name is karendougan. Chat sooooooon!

January 5, 2013 at 2:25 pm

lorigentile says:

Hi Karen,
Can you follow Gossamer Blue on Pinterest? Once you do that, I can follow you back and add you to the Project 12 board. So glad you want to play! Lori

I don’t see my other comment so I will try again. I am so excited that Project 12 is back!! I missed it last year! (Although I did do it myself.) I am following you on Pintrest. I am Lynnek67.

Great idea! I too thought the idea of a daily post would stress me out! I am following your on Pinterest. My name if Karyn Halter

I am so happy to have stumbled upon this idea! I’ve wanted to do project life for a while but it’s just to big of a commitment. I’d love to start Project 12! My pinterest name is: teallys
I’ve started to follow you on pinterest! Thanks so much for the fun.

I thought I had left a comment a while back, but don’t see it now?? I am following you on Pinterest, my name is Erica Mattingly. I’m so excited to do Project 12!! I posted it on my Facebook page and challenged my friends, too!! 🙂

Question – I posted my Pinterest name above and am following Gossamer Blue on Pinterest, but I never got an invite to the board?
I’ve got my page done but can’t pin to the board.
Maybe I should give you my full name – Cynthia Baldwin.
(Just like me to wait ’til the last minute!)

January 18, 2013 at 5:50 pm

lorigentile says:

Cynthia, thank you so much for posting again. I did miss you. You should now have an invitation to the board.

Hi, my name is Patricia Cho. I am now following you on Pinterest. I am Erin Colby. I love this idea/challenge. I hope it’s not too late to still join this Project 12 Pinterest Board!

This is great. I did Project Life last year but didn’t want to commit to the whole shebang this year so was already thinking along the lines of a month in review page, so this is great that you are doing this. My pinterest name is meganrenfree. Hope its not too late to join. Thanks.

January 27, 2013 at 9:27 am

lorigentile says:

Hi Megan! It’s only too late to enter the drawing. It’s not too late to join. Anyone can join in at any time. I’m happy you want to join.

Davinie – I used your Project Life concept to create an album of our year long stay in South Korea. It was so easy for me to print the pictures at the end of the month and create my monthly recap. For my album, I used 12×12 pages and divided page protectors. My family loves the album, and we have looked at it many times since returning. I am super excited to play along again. My pinterest user name is Renae Roberts.

Hi! I love the idea of project 12. I’m just starting mine in January. I thought I had already left a comment, but it looks like it didn’t take. I’m following you on Pinterest. My username is Kacy Tewell.

LOVE the project 12 idea and have been wanting to do it for a couple of years, but haven’t started early.
Just started following you and want to play along
my pinterest name is: wendipooh13

I am following you on pinterest. My pinterest name is zoejwaters
Love project 12 – but i just never finish the year. hopefully 2013 will be the one!!

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