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Layout Tutorial and Step by Step | Brenda Smith

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Hi all!  Brenda Smith here with a page I created using Photoshop and Silhouette.

It is super easy to create your own cut files to use with your scraps.  I love finding unique ways to use up scrap bits of my favorite papers.  This way is a little time consuming but very fun.

This is the page I will be showing you how to create today.

#layout by Brenda Smith for Gossamer Blue
Start by creating a new file in Photoshop.  This time I did one at 12×12.  You could easily do a different size as well.  When creating cut files I like to make sure that the background is transparent.  It is one less step and allows me to save my final file as a PNG that has a blank background.

Step one:  Use the SHAPE tool to create a triangle.  Hold down the shift key to keep the size consistent.

Step two:  Duplicate the same triangle “11” times and place on the page as shown.

triangleplacementsmThis basic layout allows me to plan for how many triangles I will need to fill the page.  I don’t always stick to the original layout when I get to the creation of the page once everything is cut.  I’m a rebel like that.  haha

If you want to stick to the design exactly, save a copy of this part of your layout to refer back to when putting the page together.  You can always print it out to have next to you while you work.

Now for the tricky part.  Remember how we are using scraps to make this page?  I am going to show you how to place all your scraps on one mat and cut them all at the same time.  Your scraps may be a different size then mine so follow the instructions below using your sizes as a reference. OR you could just cut paper to match my sizes of scraps and follow along exactly.
Step 3: Create “boxes” under the triangle layers in PS to show where you want the final placement of the triangles to be before cutting.  Use the rectangular marquee tool and enter the size of your scraps. Select fixed size and enter the size of the scrap in the boxes to the right.
Create a box for each size sing different colors for each box.
Step 4: Move the triangles around so they fit in the boundaries of the boxes below them.  Make sure that none of the triangles are overlapping the edges of the boxes or they will cut funny.
Step 5: I decided to make smaller triangles to layer over some of the larger ones because I just love a good bit of layering.  To do that, I just duplicated one of the large triangles and re-sized it to 85%.  Continue to duplicate that smaller triangle and fill the rest of the spaces on the page.  Rotate them if you need to make them fit.
This is the actual layout of my scraps on the Silhouette mat.
Step 6: Delete the bottom layers with the “boxes” of papers to leave a blank background.  Save your file as a PNG.  This is what we will use to create the cut file in Silhouette.
Step 7: Open the PNG file in Silhouette.  I like to go to “file-open” as opposed to the drag and drop option to open the file when creating a precise cut like this.  This way I know the image is centered perfectly.  DO NOT move or re-size the file once in Silhouette.
Step 8: Trace the triangles.  I create a trace “box” larger than the page to make sure that all of the triangles are selected.  Turn off the “high pass filter” and raise the threshold to 100%.  Click on Trace Outer Edge.
Now you are ready to cut.
Step 8: Set the cut settings to “basic cardstock.”  I slow my speed to 2 or 3 depending on the complexity of the cut.  This one was pretty simple so I set it to 3.  Then, send to silhouette. (Make sure your scraps are stuck down to the mat pretty good.  I didn’t and ended up having one of my pieces slip while cutting.  Thankfully I caught it and fixed the paper to allow the rest of the triangles to cut.  I lost two of the smaller triangles.  Simple fix…use one of the other small triangles as a template and cut two more by hand.)
Step 9: Reassemble your layout on a 12×12 background and stitch over triangles.  Mat photo with 2 coordinating papers and add elements.
My favorite bit…the sun in the right corner.  It was so cute!
the layout:

#layout by Brenda Smith for Gossamer Blue

 and the details:




I would love to see anything you create with this technique!  Add a link in the comments and I will be sure to check out your projects and leave you some love.
Thank you for checking out my page and technique.

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