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Member Scraplift Challenge


Hi Gossamer Blue fans. Angie Gutshall here with you today to welcome you to the June edition of our Member Scraplift Challenge.

Not only can you participate in the challenge for a chance to win $10 to the store, you can also win $10 to the store if I choose your layout to lift for the challenge. Congrats to Kristy Cox! I chose Kristy’s layout to use this month. Kristy please email info@gossamerblue.com to receive your prize.

Kristy Cox

Kristy Cox

I picked this layout because I just loved how simple it was.  I’m one who likes to add some paint or lots of layering so this layout inspired me to try to stay simple.

Angie Gutshall

Angie Gutshall

This was hard lol.  I started out simple but kept finding things to add.  I still feel this layout a lot like Kristy’s but also mixing my style.

Are you ready to take the scraplift challenge? Leave a comment below with a link to your layout and the layout that inspired you by July 5th for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the store.

I love looking through the gallery each month to pick a new layout to scraplift. So keep uploading them and I just might pick yours next month.





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