Gossamer Blue

Odessa’s Mini Album


When I saw the kits this month, I was in love! Not only were they all really nice, but they went so well together. The colours and themes. Just gorgeous. I knew I wanted to use them to put together a mini album. 

I took a bunch of Instax pictures when I went to Winter Beaver Scout Camp with my younger son. I just love Instax pictures – it brings back that feeling of film cameras x100! Is it going to look good? Did I get the exposure right? Oh no, I left the flash on! Ha. I combined it with some pictures from my phone and got to work. If you don’t have an instax camera I totally recommend borrowing one. It’s a fun way to document an event or trip and they are perfect for making little albums with!

Once I picked my pictures I started picking papers and journal cards and tags to go with them. And there was so much to choose from! Especially tags – those were fun to add in. 

I strung some faux ribbon using thin strips of paper through the top. I cut everything around the size of a 3×4 journal card so I had the option to add those in as well.

I had an unending pile of embellishments and stickers to use as I worked. And word strips. Word strips are my favourite and you’ll find them all over this mini album. 

Word strips and tags and stickers and more. Embellishing is my favourite part! Some of the Scrapbook kit had a beach theme and since we were at the beach, just frozen and snowy I rolled with that and got a little silly. I hope you enjoyed this mini album as much as I did making it! 

And here’s a little video I made as an extra bonus!


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