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Pattern Play with Heather Leopard is back and this month, I am focusing on Deconstruction Reconstruction.


Do you ever get a piece of patterned paper that has an awesome design but it’s just not quite right for the photos you want to scrap?  What do you typically do with it?  I usually cut off the part that is interfering with the photo or use another side.  Problem is, I really really loved this patterned paper but the black divider lines were just a bit too much.  That’s when I decided to deconstruct and reconstruct.


 I simply cut the colored insides from the heart, leaving the black divider lines intact.  I kept the divider lines intact so I would have a guide for the reconstruction of the heart.  As I cut the pieces out, I laid them out on my background paper.


Once the new heart was formed, I glued the pieces down, leaving enough room in between for handstitching. You may also choose to use a sewing machine but I wanted a more thick line of pink between the cuts.  As much as I loved that look, I wanted to add additional stitching to the heart so i randomly stitched different designs on a select few pieces of the heart.


Next, I started thinking about the layering behind the photo and I still had the black border sitting off to the side.  I decided to use that as my bottom layer to help the rest of the layers pop off the background.


As I was looking through different papers for the layering, I desperately wished I had an Instax like frame  I didn’t so I pulled out this pocket pages card from the Life Pages kit and made my own, cutting out the inside.


Voila! An Insta-frame!  Get it? Instax like frame made in an instant!


I added more layers and my photo and even stitched a little around one side of the Insta frame.


I used a quote my daughter says to me as part of our daily “Love you more” battle for the title around the heart. Finishing the title at the bottom with the last thing she says every time to crown herself as the winner. Little does she know nothing can beat a mother’s love for her children!

So, have you ever deconstructed and reconstructed?  It takes a bit more effort but the end result might just be worth it!

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