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Scrapbooking Challenge: Make a Layout Using Old Photos

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Hello everyone!  Here’s a challenge for you:  find one of your old photos and scrap them using your stash of current Gossamer Blue kits!  

I was cleaning my room the other day and I found a set of my old photos from 2013.  They were from a family vacation we took to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  Can’t believe how I didn’t scrap such an important event in our lives!  So I decided to use these photos and update them a bit using my June Scrapbook kit.  

I went through the supplies and looked for seafoam colored embellishments to match the photos.  I used to avoid using chipboard because I found them bulky but now I realize that they add dimension to the layout.  Chipboard stickers are also perfect for use in a Traveler’s Notebook which can withstand their bulkiness.  

The kit also came with this beautiful ticket themed scrapbook paper.  I cut the tickets out to use as ephemera.  

There are 2 things I learned from this old photo challenge.  One, using your Gossamer Blue kits can help you create a layout that is current and modern no matter how old your photos are.   Two, scrapping old photos is a fun way to reminisce about the happy moments from the past. 

Thank you!

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