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Hi Everyone! Emily here! Happy Friday, and welcome to the final edition of “Pinspired with Gossamer Blue!” The second Friday of every month for the last few years, I have shared a layout inspired by something I discovered on Pinterest. It’s kind of been my “thing” here at Gossamer Blue. For the first few years we also held a challenge for members, but slowly over time it turned into just a fun monthly blog feature. Due to some recent changes in my life, I have decided to step down from my position here at Gossamer Blue, and this will be my very last post. A huge thank you to all the GB subscribers and blog readers, especially those who have participated in the Pinspired challenges in the past!

For my final layout, I decided to do a color challenge. There are tons of fun, summery colors in this month’s kits, and it’s well documented that my layouts are often motivated by cool color schemes. I turned to my “Color” Pinterest board, which is a favorite, though one that I hadn’t looked at or pinned to in awhile.  One set of colors jumped out at me – one that I’ve used often in the past, thought not recently – yellow + aqua. Here are a few of my favorites…




(Sources: 1. I Heart Linen, 2. The Sweetest Occasion, 3. Inspired Bride, 4. Design Seeds)

Whenever I make a color inspired layout, I gather all my papers and supplies that include those colors and make a giant pile on my desk so that I can see it all. There were a lot of fun yellow and aqua papers to choose from this month, especially in the paper pad included in the Bits and Pieces kit. Originally, I planned to include lots of layered patterned papers in the center of my layout, but after a lot of pushing and moving, I ended up ditching almost all of it. I chose a photo of my daughter at one of her swim meets this summer, and I knew that there needed to be a lot of journaling. I ended up using my vintage typewriter on a piece of yellow patterned paper, and that was the only patterned paper I used!


After I had my photo and my journaling completed, I started to lay it all out on my white cardstock. I ended up layering the cute exclusive “ENJOY” acrylics from the Life Page’s kit over top of my photo with the little aqua “this” right beside it. These three items (photo, journaling, title) are the centerpiece of my layout, everything else is just extra…but extra is always fun!


Once my three essential elements were in place, I was free to embellish!  I returned to my pile of yellow and aqua products and added a bunch of fun elements like die cuts, acrylic pieces, enamel shapes, and chipboard. I ended up adding some black into my layout, because I wanted there to be at least one strong contrasting color. I always end up with way more embellishments than I need, which is probably why I often include so many little bits! I let the sun die cut from the Main Add-on Kit hang off the top the top of my cardstock because I love the idea of extending the page. Because this is an 8.5×11 layout, it is easily stored in a 12×12 page protecter in spite of the extra height.


The final product looks very different from my initial vision, but I love how integrated the colors are between the photo and the product on the page. It truly all works together to create one visually cohesive layout.

Supplies: July Scrapbooking Kit, Life Pages Kit, Main Add-on Kit, Bits and Pieces Kit

Do you have a favorite summer color scheme? I would love to see your take on these colors or a favorite color scheme! To play along this month, post your projects in the Pinspired gallery or on Instagram with the #gossamerblue hashtag! I can’t wait to see what you create! Have a great day, and happy scrapping!

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Hi Everyone!  Emily here!  Happy Friday, and welcome to the another edition of “Pinspired with Gossamer Blue!”  The second Friday of every month I will share a layout inspired by something I discovered on Pinterest!

Every scrapbooker is inspired and driven by different things. Some people love the product. Some love creating a layout that really showcases the photo or the journaling.

Personally, I love color.  My layouts almost always begin with a single color or groups of colors.  The first thing I do when I get my kits is dump everything out and really get a feel for the colors of that particular month’s kits.

This month, I was immediately drawn to the green and gold embellishments, especially the exclusive acrylic shapes and the large green ampersand die cut that came with the Life Pages Add-on #3. I wanted to use all these products on a single page – so…green and yellow. Or, if you are a Packers fan from Wisconsin like I am…”green and gold.”  As much as I love the Packers, however, I really didn’t want a layout that was a big mix of those two colors. I liked the yellow. I liked the green. I didn’t exactly like them all mixed together.

I also liked the green and yellow Pinkfresh patterned paper included in the June Main Scrapbooking kit, but again..it was just a little TOO much green and yellow. I started thinking looking at Pinterest and thinking about how I could incorporate both colors. I came across this image:

(Source: Library Lovers Art Auction)

I loved how this simple little graphic included three colors stacked on top of each other  – and each section included some white space. I liked how one cohesive idea was also separated into three clear sections.  I decided to use a similar idea for my layout, though without the cleverness of actually creating a shape!

I pulled together many of the yellow and green elements I could find.  There were far fewer “grass green” embellishments as lighter green, so I thought perhaps I could include them both on my layout. Once I had everything collected, I started pushing them around my page, trying to create a good grid. The top features the green, and the bottom features the yellow. My photo included a lot of yellow, so I used it on the bottom (yellow) half of the layout.

right now closeup1

I ended up having more white space that I wanted, so I included some of the patterned paper I mentioned above. On the bottom, I used the yellow to back a white and yellow tag, and on the top I used the green and white striped paper for my journaling.

right now closeup2

right now closeup3

I was pretty underwhelmed once I laid everything out. I felt like the layout was just missing something. After some experimenting, I decided to add some pops of black to the layout, including a strip of black and white patterned paper at the top. This is another classic example of my favorite style of “stuff” layouts!  It’s a crazy, but organized…bright and fun.

Right Now_emily spahn
Kits used: June Scrapbooking Main Kit, June Life Pages Kit, Life Pages Add-on #3  

What were your favorite colors in this month’s kits?  I would love to see your take on this inspiration piece or just a color challenge of your own! To play along this month, post your projects in the Pinspired gallery or on Instagram with the #gossamerblue hashtag! I can’t wait to see what you create! Have a great weekend, and happy scrapping!

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Pinspired May 2016


Hi Everyone!  Emily here!  Happy Friday, and welcome to the another edition of “Pinspired with Gossamer Blue!”  The second Friday of every month I will share a layout inspired by something I discovered on Pinterest!

I’m sure many of you, like myself, celebrated Mother’s Day last weekend. I am really horrible about taking photos with my kids. I have lots of photos of my kids, but very few with my kids. Mother’s Day is one of those occasions where I feel like a picture of us all is necessary, and I force them to take one with me, in spite of whatever crazy reasons they may have for not wanting to do it…in this year’s case…it was super sunny and they were not pleased by the brightness!

But, we got a few shots…silly…and perfect.  For my layout, this month, I did a generic search on Pinterest for “Mother’s Day.” I was hoping to find something that would inspire me that I could use to create a layout with my Mother’s Day photos. I was inundated with images of cute Mother’s Day projects, some yummy looking Mother’s Day brunch items, and a few quotes about moms.  Honestly, nothing inspired me. I was about to give up and move on to something more specific when I saw this image:

I wished (1)
Source: The Keeper of the Cheerios

I don’t know what it was about this little art project – the dandelion is cute and I love how the fingerprint “seeds” are blowing off the paper.  But, it was really just those simple words, “I wished for you” that drew me in. Usually when I create a “pinspired” layout, it is based on something very clear and obvious like a graphic design piece, a color scheme, or specific words. But, in this case, I just loved this idea of a parent wishing and dreaming for a child or a family.  I decided to create a layout that included some journaling or a title that conveyed this idea of hoping and dreaming.


Scrapbooking is a lot of trial and error. I originally planned to include two, small, color photos taken on Mother’s Day, but after pushing them around and adding and subtracting product, I just couldn’t make it work. I decided instead to use a single black and white photo of us on Mother’s Day. I liked the color versions better, but the black and white photo just works better with products in this kit.  My first step was to create a photo mat out of a few of the Pink Paislee tags.

documented closeup1

After my photo mat was created, I placed on my cardstock and lightly traced the far right edge so that I would know where to type my journaling. I am lucky to have a large typewriter that allows me to use paper in both portrait and landscape orientation. Whenever I use my typewriter, I am always careful not to be careful!  What that really means is that I embrace the mistakes, the uneven spaces, etc.

documented closeup2

After my journaling was completed, I attached my photo and added a number of coordinating embellishments. I went back and forth in my decision to include an additional title, but in the end, I decided the “documented” chipboard and my journaling would be sufficient. I still think I may go back and add “Mother’s Day” on there someplace – even if I just write it on the back. I added some additional chipboard to the bottom and the top and some black mist to finish off my layout!

documented closeup3

documented close up4

Supplies:  May Scrapbook Main Kit, Life Pages Main Kit, Main Add-on KitAdd-on Kit #2, Bits and Pieces Kit

To play along with this month’s challenge, post your projects in the Pinspired gallery or on Instagram with the #gossamerblue hashtag! I can’t wait to see what you create! Have a great weekend, and happy scrapping!

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