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Vintage Inspired Halloween Ribbons

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Hi everyone! Tara here today and I have a super easy and super cute Halloween idea that’s just perfect for those upcoming Halloween costume parties!

Tara Anderson for Gossamer Blue #halloween
My daughter won’t be able to dress up at school this year but I still wanted to make something special for her to wear and that’s where the idea for vintage inspired award ribbons came about. Using traditional Halloween colors and lots of texture, these Awards Ribbons are pretty enough to wear without the costume!

Tara Anderson for Gossamer Blue #halloween


Tara Anderson for Gossamer Blue #halloween Tara Anderson for Gossamer Blue #halloween

I used the October Life Pages Themed Add-On Kit and a few extra supplies. Things like crepe paper, book paper, ribbons and clothespins will also be needed to make a Halloween ribbon. I’ve created a really simple photo tutorial for creating these crepe paper rosettes.

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Step 1: Cut a piece of crepe paper. I used a piece that was 6ft. long

Step 2: Fold the length of the crepe paper in half, so now you’ll have a 3ft piece

Step 3: Using a needle and thread carefully sew one side of the crepe paper all the way until you reach the end

Step 4: Carefully take both ends of the thread and very gently push the crepe paper towards the middle of your thread, it will bunch up on it’s own, but be careful not to break the thread

Step 5: Tie the ends of the thread together and ruffle the crepe paper into a fuller circle

Now you’ll get to embellish them! Start with an embellishment or punched circle and use foam dots to build dimension to the front of your award, if you plan on using multiple embellishments. For the back of the awards, I gathered various ribbons and glued (I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue) them to the bottom of the crepe paper circle, then glued a large cardstock circle to cover the ribbons and hold them in place. Once the glue has dried use a hot glue gun to glue a clothespin onto the back. I liked the clothespin idea because I felt it would be easier for little hands to handle.

Tara Anderson for Gossamer Blue #halloween

Tara Anderson for Gossamer Blue #halloween

There are so many variations that you can make, large rosettes using vintage book paper, or layering different colors of crepe paper together to create multi colored rosettes, even clothing patters can be used. Once you get started you’ll want to make a whole collection of them for yourself this Halloween!

Tara Anderson for Gossamer Blue #halloween

Tara Anderson for Gossamer Blue #halloween

Happy Halloween!


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